Student Albums/Collections

Thomas Olson '72
In November 1970 a few of us were priviledged with access to an extra dorm room in Lucey Hall to use as a Dark Room for experimenting with developing film. I guess it was the unofficial Lucey Hall Photography Club. I don't recall us ever getting a name for the club. I came across some black & white film I developed. Here are some of those photos... We also experimented with the Unicolor Color Development System. As I recall we were unsuccessful in those endeavors.

Mark Gomez '74 has located some photos he developed while at Campion amongst others in his collection. Here are some of those photos...
Edward O'Connor '43 found an autographed picture of Fr. William Bowdern, S.J.
Mike Morrow '70 took some photos in 1995 when the "State" was just taking over.
Chuck Lambeck '60 has a few Postcards of the buildings.
Joseph Apelman '43 has some photos from 1941.
Pastor Joel Schulz MLPS'89 and his brother Jeremy Schulz MLPS'95 took some photos just before the bulldozers were let loose to the campus.
Robert Voosen '66 has sent in some photos from 1998 after the razor wire went up.
Robert Voosen '66 sent in this photo of Tex holding an oil painting of Fr. Roger Lucey, S.J. which Tex' wife commissioned for Tex' birthday, fall 2001.
Stephen Kelley '71 sent in a pile of nostalgic items yet to be catalogued. Much of it though is appearing in this photo album in bulk for now. Check it out.
Roger Chapman '68 visited the Campus on July 13, 2003. He sent in this report with photos.
Kevin Keough '65 sent in these pictures of the remains of Campion Hall and Hoffman Hall taken in June 2004.
Jerry Wagner '69 has sent in many old pictures circa 1917. His grandfather, Jerry Wagner '17 went to Campion HS and Campion College.
Mike Murray '74 has sent in a couple pictures.
Robert Smith '68
Tom Halpin '73 sent pictures of basketball, track, and class of 72 cheerleaders.
John Roll '70
Jim Moriarty '69
Steve Schneider '68 discoverd an Old Goal Post still standing in 2010.
Robert Purtock '68 has a stained glass window from Marquette Hall.
Doug Wiley '70 forwarded these pictures from Rick Sevenants '70 album.
Mike Luke '72 sent a nice set of sports photos.
Elizabeth Grasso sent in her grandfathers photo album. Eugene Darst '23 went to Campion College.
Dan Crutcher '70 visited PDC in 2016
Mary Clare Cummins sent in her fathers pictures. Albert Thoma '26 went to Campion Jesuit High School.

Staff Albums/Collections

Robert Killeren was a scholastic at Campion from 1942 to 1945. He recently scanned his albums and submitted them for our enjoyment. Since the 43 and 44 yearbooks were never published due to WWII paper conservation I especially appreciated these.