The color photo is of me (Michael J Murray 74) back in Oct 1970. Was I one of the last guys on campus in a ROTC uniform or what? Sorry for the fuzzy focus, but my mom's old Brownie camera was well past its prime. Nice background of Campion Hall though.

ROTC Mike Murray '74

The B/W photo is a photo taken I think possibly by Steve MacLellan 74 along with myself, from (obviously) the roof of the old Freshman gym. We were up there illegally of course, and now the truth comes out. The subject of the photo is Joseph Miesen 74 and several other unidentified persons. This is the kiln Joe built for the Spring 1973 (probably) annual art fair/event.

Joe Miesen '74 Kiln

Cheers & thanks,
Mike Murray
Class of 1974