Album of Jerry Wagner '18 submitted by Jerry Wagner III '69

Number of images: 39
Created on: Saturday 10 July 2004

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thumbs/1922 College Class Photo.png
1922 College Class Photo.jpg
thumbs/Academy Football Team.png
Academy Football Team.jpg
thumbs/Album Page October 1918.png
Album Page October 1918.jpg
thumbs/Album Page.png
Album Page.jpg
thumbs/At Bridgeport.png
At Bridgeport.jpg
thumbs/Baseball Game 1917.png
Baseball Game 1917.jpg
thumbs/Campion Academy Class of 1918.png
Campion Academy Class of 1918.jpg
thumbs/campion college 001.png
campion college 001.jpg
thumbs/Campion College Photo & Song.png
Campion College Photo & Song.jpg
thumbs/Campion College Post Card.png
Campion College Post Card.jpg
thumbs/Campion College.png
Campion College.jpg
thumbs/Campion Company A.png
Campion Company A.jpg
thumbs/Campion Gym -Kilmer Library.png
Campion Gym -Kilmer Library.jpg
thumbs/Campion Special 1917.png
Campion Special 1917.jpg
thumbs/Campus 1916-17.png
Campus 1916-17.jpg
thumbs/College 20 Banquet.png
College 20 Banquet.jpg
thumbs/Dorm Room 1916 Kostka.png
Dorm Room 1916 Kostka.jpg
thumbs/Dorm Room 1916.png
Dorm Room 1916.jpg
thumbs/Dorm Room.png
Dorm Room.jpg
thumbs/Fall on the Quad.png
Fall on the Quad.jpg
thumbs/Flod Time.png
Flod Time.jpg
thumbs/Football Team 1917.png
Football Team 1917.jpg
thumbs/Fr. Finn.png
Fr. Finn.jpg
thumbs/Main Street in Prairie 1918.png
Main Street in Prairie 1918.jpg
thumbs/Marquette Hall 1917.png
Marquette Hall 1917.jpg
thumbs/Marquette Hall Post Card.png
Marquette Hall Post Card.jpg
thumbs/Off Campus Boat Trip.png
Off Campus Boat Trip.jpg
thumbs/On Parade.png
On Parade.jpg
thumbs/Postcard 1916.png
Postcard 1916.jpg
thumbs/Program Page 1.png
Program Page 1.jpg
thumbs/Program Page 2.png
Program Page 2.jpg
thumbs/Retreat Schedule.png
Retreat Schedule.jpg
thumbs/ROTC Review 1918.png
ROTC Review 1918.jpg
thumbs/St. Mary's Academy.png
St. Mary's Academy.jpg
thumbs/Student Body 1917.png
Student Body 1917.jpg
thumbs/Thanksgiving 1918.png
Thanksgiving 1918.jpg
thumbs/The Valley 1918.png
The Valley 1918.jpg
thumbs/track meet.png
track meet.jpg
thumbs/Winter 1916-17.png
Winter 1916-17.jpg