Campion Campus in its Prison Configuration - July 13, 2003

I was in Dubuque, IA today (07/13/03) and swung by Campion while in the area.

I am attaching the following pictures (from outside the fence(s)).

1. Xavier Hall looking west (from location of Kostka Hall).

2. The quad looking south (from location of Campion Hall). You can see Lucey Hall at the center / left.

3. Campion Hall Gym and Music Room (from location of Campion / Kostka Halls). The Music Room is now the Gate House.

4. The rear of Lawler Hall looking east.

5. The rear of Lawler Hall and Xavier Hall looking north east. The Dinin Hall is obscured by trees.

6. Lucey Hall looking east from the front of Hoffman Hall.

7. The football field looking north. I assume the goal posts remain from Campion days.

As stated above, I took the pictures from outside the fences. The buildings looked to be in reasonable condition as they are maintained by the State. I was unable to get any shots of Marquette Hall and the Chapel.

The only buildings not inside the fence are Hoffman Hall, the Power House and the Infirmary.

Hoffman Hall is in disrepair. Acoustic tile ceilings are falling, some of the the pool glass blocks are broken and the foundation seals are broken and suffering from water damage.

After spending about 1/2 hour, I left with a heavy heart.

Roger Chapman '68