Campion Radio Stations

VOC Radio - Voice Of Campion

(19?? - 1968)
This campus radio station was located in an upper floor of Kostka Hall. It used a low power AM transmitter. I do not know the range of the station. It was totally destroyed in the Kostka Hall Fire of 1968.


The radio station was reborn in 1970 as WZAP and was located in the basement of Xavier Hall. It used carrier-current technology to distribute the signal within buildings. It was renamed to something else(need help here) in 1973. The school closed in 1975. The disposition of equipment is unknown.

iVOC - Voice of Campion Lives Internet

(2008 - present 1st QTR 2018)
iVOC - Voice Of Campion Lives as Internet Radio (VOC 2.0)