Voice Of Campion Radio

iVOC Lives!

Campion-Knights and Campion64 are bringing the Voice Of Campion
alive with Internet Radio Streaming. To see what is playing...


Campion64.org was hosting the streaming service. But the service has been lost. Hopefully temporarily!

What are some of the things we can stream? Here are some ideas.

  • The Bands of Campion - Nostalgic old recordings
  • Musicians of Campion - Record yourself digitally and send us the file
    • Pat Mower Plays The Hammond Organ and Wurlitzer Pipe Organ
    • Kevin Keough Beats His Drums
      • Songs of Christmas Cheer - Kevin K.
  • MIDI versions of Campion School Songs like the Almamater
  • Campion Live Music - Anyone up to recording live
  • Campion Live Talk - Anybody up for jaw-jacking.
  • Campion Live Lectures and Memoirs - Or prerecorded ( * see NOTE )
    • Stream from your location via our Icecast server
  • Campion Audio Archives
    • If only we had some Fr. Scott Science lectures.

*NOTE: Live shows may actually be pre-recorded!

REQUEST: Any alumni have any audio material we can use?
We stream via ICECAST servers using OGG VORBIS encoding.

Leave us feedback, please.