Does anybody know anything about this booklet?
The answer comes from Ed O'Connor '43.

The Good Manners booklet was done in my junior or senior
year to make sure that Campion turned out polished gentlemen. I
don't know any one author but it was put together by faculty and
students. Ed

Lacking the time to convert this booklet to text I have decided to
just put it up here as scanned images of the xerox copy I was given.
Have fun reading it.

Click here to see it in its rough! Then continue clicking
anywhere in the images to go to the next image. There are 26 images.


Good Manners


Good Manners in Church 1
Good Manners in Introductions 7
Good Manners in Personal Appearance 11
Good Manners in Your Private Room 12
Good Manners in School 14
Good Manners in The Library 15
Good Manners in The Auditorium 20
Good Manners on The Campus 22
Good Manners at Table 24
Good Manners in a Restaurant 39
Good Manners in The Theatre 41
Miscellaneous Good Manners 43