meaning of AMDG

  • AMDG, acronym and Jesuit Motto, latin, Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam means to the greater glory of God
  • amdegate; v., The use of special letterhead or the inclusion of proprietary symbols in a document in order to lend weight or credence. (from the jesuit acronym, AMDG: Ad Majoram Dei Gloriam.)
  • Icon A.M.D.G. Jesuits

    meaning of BVMH

  • BVMH, acronym, latin, Beatae Mariae Virgine Honore means to the honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary

    meaning of IHS

  • IHS, acronym and Jesuit symbol, english, In His Service.
  • IHSous, Latinized version of Greek spelling for Jesus.
  • IHSv, In Hoc Signo vinces, In this sign, you will conquer.
  • IHS, backronym, Iesus Hominum Salvator, Jesus, Savior of men
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