meaning of "6-4-2"

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    6-4-2: A form of detention... effectively extreme JUG.

    Six(6) weeks of "short bounds," four(4) weeks of JUG and two(2) lost weekends.

    "Short bounds" - simply meant that you could not leave the campus for six weeks (no bluffs, no walk into town for a movie, no fun at local establishments along the highway such as Ma's or the bowling alley).

    "JUG" - Justice Under God

    "Lost weekends" - the Jesuits give you a textbook and you begin writing in longhand. A lost weekend is entirely spent in the JUG room in Kostka Hall. Any free time available between the end of breakfast and the night bell in your dorm on a Saturday and a Sunday was spent writing and you better have a building stack of papers to show a passing Jesuit.

    Other Acronyms...
  • JUG