Campion Jesuit HS Senior Class Pictures

The Campion Yearbook The Knight was first published in 1924. The last one was published in 1975 when the school was closed.

Any Senior Class Pictures from prior years won't have come from a yearbook. The Classes of 1976, 1977, and 1978 of course won't have Senior Pictures.

An interesting observation was made when I received the 1931 and 1932 yearbooks. They were titled "The Red Book", "Commencement", and "Campionette"! In my time the "Red Book" contained the addresses and phone numbers of our parents by student. The "Campionette" was the student newspaper. And, "The Knight" was the annual yearbook.

The real interesting thing is that the 1926 yearbook is hardbound like the more recent ones.

The explanation to these anomolies was found in the 1953 yearbook under the title Knight & Red Herrings.

Try this search engine to find a picture by name. At this time only contains senior pictures.

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