In reviewing our four years spent at Campion we recollect thoughts of those who have been our inspirations, our ideals, and guiding forces. However, our final two years here have been spent under the direct guidance of an exemplary alumnus of Campion, a man of the greatest integrity and selflessness, and a most respected Jesuit Father Augustine F. Giunta, S.J. Therefore, we, the graduating class of 1950, gratefully dedicate our final class memorial to Father Giunta and to all the Alumni of Campion.

To Father Giunta and the thousands of Alumni who have passed through this training center of Catholic men we have a responsibility and a very definite debt to satisfy. As Catholic young men, we are expected by our school, its faculty, our predecessors, and our church to make our presence felt on the world into which we are entering.

Whether we embrace the professional life, business life, or religious life, we have heroic Catholic examples to follow. The Alumni of Campion are making their presence felt for the benefit of souls all over our country. Some are doctors, some are lawyers, some are clerks, and some have dedicated their lives to helping others receive the same Catholic training they received -as is Father Giunta.

Therefore, with a knowledge of our privilege as Camnpion-trained men, and with a realization of the obligations included with these privileges, we offer this book as a token of our determination to prove ourselves worthy graduates of this Mother of Men!

Excerpt from 1950 Campion Knight Yearbook.