Campion History in the Making...

1945- The United States is celebrating its one-hundred and sixty-ninth birthday.
Still the Jesuits are making history. Still they are at Prairie du Chien instructing the Catholic youth of America.
Here at Campion the leaders of tomorrow are being taught the truths of Christ and the knowledge of the classics and science.

The Knight receives the bulk of his education in the classroom. He is taught to be discriminating, facile, clear, and refined. The curriculum of Latin, Greek, Spanish, and French develops discrimination in the student; algebra, geometry, and trigonometry inculcate facility and clarity; while English implants a wholesome refinement of tastes and thoughts in his character.

Of extreme importance at Campion is the immortal soul of every Knight. The conference room is the oasis of spiritual help and guidance.

Three days of each year are set aside to help the Knight realize the why and wherefore of this life-three days of silence in which the Knight thinks over his past life, meditates on his present actions, and plans for the future in imitation of the life of his Lord and Master. It is then with Jesuit instruction and assistance that the Knight understands his true value in relation to his Creator.

On the field of physical competition many of the rules of life are learned, never to be forgotten. Varsity and intramural sports are conducted for the benefit of every student. These competitive sports practiced at Campion instill in every Knight that will-to- win spirit, no matter what the odds may be. An athlete's heart is acquired by every Campion boy.

Football, basketball, baseball, track, golf, tennis, handball, and many more are numbered among a Knight's extra-curricular activities throughout the entire year. Under the capable training of Mr. William S. Hoffman, who has for years produced Campion teams of extraordinary prowess, varsity men compete with the outstanding teams of western Wisconsin.

From his speaking experience on the rostrum, the Knight's mind is molded to quick comprehension, decision, and precision. Public speaking renders to the Knights of Campion a positive portion of that poise which is indespensible to a successful man. Through debating the student sharpens his acumen and secures an agile mind and wit.

In body, in mind, and in soul each Campion graduate is prepared to make the American history of the future.

Excerpt from 1945 Campion Knight Yearbook