From: JEREMY SCHULZ 1995 Jan 30 2001 10:24AM
(4) Gatecrasher from Campion (in reply to 3)


We kept the stain glass windows, because they were completely amazing and beautiful. After everything was sold, the chapel was gutted. the windows were taken out and sent somewhere on the east coast to be sold. The pews were sent to Pilsen, Czeck Republic, to a Wisconsin Synod school there - Martin Luther School. The chandeliers, gone, Altar, gone. Even the marble walls were removed. After we bought the school, we put in a pipe organ that "could blow off the roof", and that was sold to a mega-mega church to be added to an even bigger pipe organ. All this was fine, of course, because while it is now a prison, the building had to be saved (because of the historical society), it was going to be used for a place where parents are able to visit their children. On a side note, I found it funny that right after the prison opened, 2 boys escaped. Quite the bad location for a prison, being by a river, railroad, and state parks. Not to mention all the steam tunnels with openings that are all over campus.

The high school was a preparatory school. It was owned, operated, and paid for by our synod for the function of training our future pastors and teachers. It had all the basic courses of high school, plus obviously religion, musical, and language courses. It was there to encourage us to further our training at our synodical college for pastors and teachers (Martin Luther College) in New Ulm, MN... and then where I'm at, for pastors, Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, Wisconsin.

Our choirs and bands did have concerts and tours. They were of special importance because of how worship deals so much with music.

Any other questions?