From: CHRISTOPHER LAMAL 1970 Jan 29 2001 10:57PM
(3) Gatecrasher from Campion (in reply to 2)

Thanks to you and the many other MLPS alums who responded to my inqury. I was very much impressed by the importance that was placed on music at MLPS (which at Campion was not very highly valued as a component of the curriculum). I know that many Lutheran affiliated colleges in the upper mid-west, such as Gustavus Adolphus, have a highly developed musical culture, but I didn't know MLPS did also. Is that a part of a specifically Scandinavian Lutheran culture? Part of Lutheran culture generally? Historically?

On a less theoretical note, did you guys peform public concerts at the school or in Prairie?

Also, your message makes it sound like MLPS was intended to function as school for students in early and preliminary training for the clergy (a high school that, in the Catholic Church, might be called a "minor seminary"). Was the training of possible Lutheran clergy the primary intended purpose of the school?

Finally, I am curious about the stained glass windows in the chapel. Most of them were specifically Catholic and even more specifically Jesuit (most, if not all, of the smaller ones were depictions of Jesuit saints and martyrs). Were all of the stained glass windows still in place during the MLPS years? Do you know when they were removed or where they went?

Thanks again for all the responses from you and your fellow MLPS alums.

Who knows. One of these days we may be able to extend this dialogue on to alumni of the "correctional facility" that has taken over our shared campus. I'm sure they'll have alot of interesting stories to tell about their experiences there!

Chris Lamal (Campion'70)