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Subject: campion/mlps
hey chris. my name is teresa. i went to mlps class of 1992.
i'm not good with east-west type direction so i will tell you what all the
buildings were used for starting with the entrance. hopefully the entrance
never changed!

so as you drive in the campus on the left is the boys dorm. (xavier hall when
it was campion). if you turn right the first building (the quad is on the
left so all the buildings will be on the right side). ok the 1st building is
a 1 level cafeteria attached to it is where our classrooms were (at campion
the teachers lived there?). proceeding forward is the big gym with pool,
b-ball court,etc. Our homecomings & stuff were held there,too. then's there's
a big field and as you round the corner there is the girls dorm (lucy hall is
what campion called it). while i was there marquette was never used unless we
had weekend groups come to visit the campus (like grade school kids etc).
then of course there's marquette -  in high school we used to sneak up the
fire escape & drink beer on the roof) after marquette is the chapel which we
used all the time for church. then there's the small gym. we used that as a
meeting place for boys & girls to talk, hang out, play nintendo, pool, air
hockey, blast the stereo, and we used the gym for interscholastic b-ball
practice & we used it recreationally for sports,too. then the tall cream
colored building we called Campion. we couldn't use it as it was falling
apart on the inside. Our track team would use it to run up & down stairs and
the 2nd floor had a "track" that went around the perimeter of the bldg. we
all thought there was a big library or something -  because of the openess &

i believe those are all of the buildings. hopefully i didn't confuse you too
much. oh, the new music building was where we had to practice piano. so it
was a small building with about 20 practice rooms to play piano. that
building was between lucey hall and the big gymnasium in the quad.

I want to go & see the campus. I heard it was going to be a retirement home
but the campion website said it's a reformatory? hmmm.... Were you sad when
you found out your school closed? Oh MLPS was a Wisconsin Synod Lutheran
Prepatatory High School.

Did you ever hear rumors that Al Capone sent his kid to your school to keep
them safe from Chicago mob scenes? I don't even know if Capone had kids. But
i always wanted to try to find out.