From: JEREMY SCHULZ 1995 Jan 28 2001 11:46PM
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Hi! I was in the last graduating class of MLPS, so we all got very interested in all the history... To let you know what the buildings turned into, Lucey Hall turned into our girls dorm, plainly named - Girl's Dorm. Xavier Hall, which would have been brand new for you, located on the exact opposite side from the girl's dorm, was our Boys Dorm 1. Pere-Marquette Hall stayed Marquette Hall (because the name was engraved onto the top part of the building, and turned into our Boys Dorm 2. This dorm was only used for a short time, and then closed to students but used for hosting grade-school basketball tournaments. There was a great amount of work done on Lawler Hall. This building turned into our Administration/Classroom building. Walls were knocked down, turning every three bedrooms into 1 larger classroom. It was not affordable to heat Campion Hall, so it was closed and eventually condemned. Both gyms were used until the end, along with the student union (next to the old gym). The cafeteria was remodeled slightly. And yes, a music hall was added on the quad, inbetween Gym 1 and the Girl's Dorm (Lucey Hall). I was also able to tour the prison after the buildings were remodeled, so I saw, e.g. Lucey Hall having the same outer shell but completely gutted with high tech prison equipment. Very interesting. MLPS started in 1978, and I am pretty sure that there were 500-600 people there. That dwindled down, with the constant threat to close it, to around 200 students. 1995 was the last year it was open. MLPS was owned and operated by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, as one of its 3 worker (Pastor, Teacher) training High-Schools.

Many Pictures, but no scanner.

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