Hi Chris,

I saw your message on classmates.com and thought I would drop you a line. I attended MLPS the first year it opened to students of the Wisconsin Evengelical Lutheran Synod. It was owned and operated by the WELS. There are also several schools that are also WELS. There is Luther Preparatory School in Watertown, Wi. which is a high school, Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN. which is a four year college for teachers, and the Seminary in Mequon, Wi. which is our four year pastorial track college. At first all four schools were in operation. Less than five years ago, the schools almigated and MLPS was closed. If you can recall, Luther Prep was once called Northwestern College. It was 9-12 grade and a four year college. Once the almigation took place, MLPS was closed and the students attended Luther Prep. Our college then moved to New Ulm. Once MLPS closed, it was sold and made into a juvinile detention facility. Fences adorned the campus to keep these kids there.

The year that MLPS opened up to us was in 1979. I only attended this school for two years, leaving to persue other interests in my life at the time. The dorm next to the dining hall was a boys dorm for freshman, sophomores, and juniors. I do not recall what the name of this dorm was. The Marquette dorm you refer to, I think we did call Marquette. This dorm was for the senior boys. We did use the chapel for our daily services and Sunday Services. The other dorm, we did refer to as Lucey Hall. This dorm was for all the girls who attended this school. We only used the first three floors, closing off the fourth floor. The basement of this building was our canteen, TV room, a kitchen, and storage for bikes and whatnot. We did get plenty of use out of the pool. One of the great assets to campus at the time. Campion Hall was never used as I recall. The only thing I can remember is that we had the batting cage in one section of the building. The small building behind Campion, was used for our piano lessons. These we took five times a week. Lawler Hall was used for our classroom building. The chapel in this building was used for our choir practices. We also had teachers offices, main office, and nurses office here.

The enrollment had to be in the 300's. The first year, the graduating class had 82 students. I do not know what the campus looked like before it closed. Once I left, I never returned. So, as to the new music building, I haven't a clue. I looked back in the yearbooks that I have, and there is a picture of Lawler Hall and one of Campion Hall. That's about it.

I hope this little bit helps. I only spent two years there, but that was twenty years ago. Some of the professors still teach today at Luther Prep. It is hard to belive that I had them as teachers at one point in my life.

Thanks for dropping a line at classmates, <>Ginger Checki