From: elizabeth
Sent: Sunday, January 14, 2001 4:55 PM
Subject: Response to your inquiry about MLPS


I am a graduate of MLPS (1992), though I was in Prairie du Chien since the school opened in 1979. My father was a professor at the school from 1979 until 1995 when the school closed down and amalgamated with another Wisconsin Synod School in Watertown Wisconsin.

I am trying to put together our 10th reunion and saw your message. I thought I would respond.

MLPS was operated by the Wisconsin Evengenical Lutheran Synod. It was open from 1979-1995. In 1995, the school combined with another synodical school in Watertown, Wisconsin. In case you are not aware, the school was bought in 1995 by the State of Wisconsin and is used as a prison to hold young male offenders. They have torn down the building that was at the north end of campus that used to hold the library (I think) when you went to school there. We used to hold our batting cage for softball practice in one of the rooms there that had a balcony going all the way around the room. The gym that was attached to that building which they kept and use an an entrance for the prison. The addition of razor wire to the outskirts of campus is also a sad sight.

Back on a brigher note...

When I was there the dorms all lost the names you called them, except Marquette Hall. No one was housed in Marquette Hall except for summer conventions that took place on campus. The girls lived in the dorm at the southeast side of campus and was fittingly referred to as the "girls dorm." The boys were kept in the door on the north side of the cafeteria, and called you guessed it, the "boys dorm"

We called the building in between the gym and the cafeteria the Ad building. This is where we had all of our classes and the professors had their offices. In the late 80's the synod built a music hall. They placed the one-story building on the quad in the facing north between the south east dorm and the gym. It held thirty small practice rooms with two larger rooms used for choir practice and band practice. I will try to locate a picture, scan it, and send it to you. I think I have a picture with the building in it.

Without printing out your request for info, I am not sure if I covered all of the questions you were curious about. If I haven't, please feel free to respond and I can try to answer any questions that you may have. I hope this helped.