Fr. John Scott 75th Jubilee Guestbook


Mon Dec 4 16:28:39 2006 [Tom Hogan 1964]: Fr. Scott, congratulations on your 75th Jubilee year! Thank you for all your teaching efforts and enthusiasm over the years. The physics and chemistry background at Campion were essential for carrying me through subsequent studies. I am currently a medical oncologist and faculty member at a state university hospital. You have touched thousands of lives! God Bless you! Tom Hogan
Sun Nov 26 07:58:46 2006 [Denis Collins 1974]: I would like to add my sincere congratulations on reaching such an incredible milestone. You are one of those very rare men that have made such a difference. You quietly, accept when in a classroom :-), have moved thought this world touching so many in such a modest fashion as to be ensured of never being forgotten. My classmate remembers, "Gentlemen, it is absoluty amazing!" I still remember and use "Consequently therefore Correct!" You touched us all. Hopefully, for us, we'll see you on the other side.
Mon Nov 13 15:12:39 2006 [Ray Novey 1964]: Father, I am the son of John Novey who worked with you on numerous occasions to put together teaching aids for your class. My brothers John, Richard and Jim also attended Campion. To this day, I fondly remember all the good times at Campion especially the physics classes. I continued my education to become involved in Naval Nuclear power. All attributed to the nuclear power “comic” book you handed out during your class. I wish you a happy anniversary with many more to come. Ray Novey Class of 1964
Sun Oct 1 11:20:16 2006 [Ron Lynch 54]: What great memories I have of the great Wizard of Physics' voice from out of the dark. Congratulations and God's blessings on your jubilee. You have made a great inspiring impact on many lives.
Mon Sep 25 08:25:41 2006 [Dave Dusty Rhodes 55]: Father: Will always remember how you made learning fun. I tried to immatate that principle during my teaching years at the U. of Miami as well as with my own children. Thank you for your inspiration.
Sat Sep 23 20:39:08 2006 [Bob Listecki 1958]: Dear Father Scott: Happy anniversary!! Your physics basics have carried me into Pharmacy and your friendship and Christian leadership have remained with me to this day. I remember your fast Mass before returning home for holidays. Kind of like it must have been in the military in rushed battle conditions. I remember reading of your constant dedication to the Indians in the summers and after Campion. In my leisure time I took up racing sailboats. This is pure physics and it was your vector analysis training or your good prayers that got me a win first overall in the Chicago Mackinac race aboard "Bozo's Circus" in the 2004 race. It was also my 25th Mac and so I also was inducted into the Island Goats Sailing Society. Today I teach pharmacy students from 5 various schools as they rotate in their final clinical year. We specialize in pharmacy compounding and are in constant contact with many physical and scientific principals for determining stability, storage and delivery systems. Without your initial teaching I could not have moved foreword. Thank you, thank you, thank you,
Tue Sep 19 15:26:22 2006 [Matt Simon 55]: I hope your anniversary celebrations have gone well. I am sorry to be late with this note; I have been attempting to resurrect some memories from our encounters in the early 1950's. I do remember our first day of physics class. I believe your first words were something like "Can anyone tell me what physics is all about?" Duffy Moran's hand shot up and he responded, "Physics is the study of nature." I thought he must me the smartest guy around to know that. Then I discovered you had written across the top of the black board, Physics is the study of nature. You did such a great job of teaching me, and others, physics that I did not have to open the physics book until well into the second semester in college. I firmly believe the foundation you gave me in physics and the brain training of how to think about those topics helped me sail through engineering subjects like statics, dynamics, strength of materials, and hydrodynamics. You gave me a foundatiion that has supported me for a lifetime. I was a mass server. A real treat was to be assigned to you for a week in one of those tiny alcoves. I could not recite the Latin responses fast enough. But, it was in and out in no time and on to the free pool tables. Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made for so many students. And, thank you for helping me become who I am. May God continue to bless you.
Sat Sep 16 12:49:47 2006 [ ]: Dear Father, I have thoight about you over the years and was doing so this past week. This was probably due to my daughter being a H.S. freshman.I know I never thanked you and wanted to do so. Congrats. You're the best. God bless You. Hugh Toner '75
Wed Sep 13 12:19:58 2006 [Tommy Bolton 1965]: Hi Father Scott: I have never forgotten my classes with you. I remember bringing in a piece of cork I found floating in the Mississippi river. Part of a cork life preserver.You put it on your desk and talked about it in all your classes, giving me the credit for bringing it in ,for days.
Fri Sep 8 14:41:31 2006 [Frank Larkin 61]: Father Scott, congratulations on your 75th Jubilee! I remeber well your physics class (but unfortunately never had to use those skills and hve lost them.) I also remeber your quoting "CECIL B. DE MILLE" in hyour booming voice to our great merriment. It did make a great em[phais.
Tue Sep 5 05:34:18 2006 [Dan Kane 1972]: Dear Father Scott: Your freshman science class was a great pleasure and concentrated learning experience for all of us. My favorite memory of you however was senior year, when we both happened to be in the same stairwell at the same time, where I slipped on a step as I rushed by and you nodded wisely, smiled, and said, "Too efficient friction!"
Fri Sep 1 22:39:08 2006 [Howard Gillitzer 1955]: Dear Fr. Scott: Congratulations! Thank you for your ministry: your writings, your teaching, assisting in our parishes and your visits to our homes. To the residents of Prairie du Chien, you were CAMPION. Our lives were blessed with the privilege of knowing you. May God continue to bless you!
Wed Aug 30 11:33:13 2006 [Larry Tuber Dunn 1972]: PS: you did not, however, do a good job of teaching me to type!! lol
Wed Aug 30 11:31:29 2006 [Larry Tuber Dunn 1972]: Dear Fr. Scott - as much as I oved all my classes at Campioon (ahem, I liked yours the best. They were always interesting and one never knew what to expect when you went into your back room and broght out an "experiment" for us to experience. Thank You... for al you did, and have done. It was always cool.
Wed Aug 30 06:52:43 2006 [Leo Larkin 1955]: Congratulations Father Scott on your wonderful career serving the needs of so many for so long in the name of the Lord. You were an inspiration to many of us and mnost of really needed inspiration. I was in your Physics class and a many times alter server,,,alter boy ( now alter person) where you taught me to "shape up or ship out". Thanks for all that you have provided to. We are better, much better, because of you.
Tue Aug 29 19:06:35 2006 [Rich Valleau 1955]: Dear Fr. Scott: May God especially bless you on the occasion of your 75th anniversary. I was the sacristan during my junior year at Campion - I remember when the bell rang for morning mass, you were out the door, with or without servers. Your physics class was great and I always looked forward to your class. I also remember your favorite prayer to the Holy Spirit (Holy Ghost in those days) which I still say almost every day as I drive to work. I also had great fun with you when the time came around for a solemn high mass at which you were the celebrant and I was the master of ceremonies. I guess the solemn high mass is now a thing of the past. I am sure you have great memories of your years at Campion - I know I do of you as do all whose lives you touched in so many ways. God bless, Rich Valleau, Class of 55.
Tue Aug 29 13:45:38 2006 [Pat O'Connell 1955]: Fr Scott. Congratulations on your 75th anniversary as a Jesuit. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in your classroom as a student. I have always noticed that when ever I get together with other Campion Alumni and we are talking about our time at Campion, your name comes up and always with a touch of Humor, respect and even awe. You were a wonderful teacher and brought so much more to the classroom than simple information. May God bless you Father for all of your good work. Pat O'Connell '55
Tue Aug 29 13:17:52 2006 [Jon Harper 1955]: Congratulations Father John on the anniversary of your 75th year within the Jesuit Community. Based on The Fr. Scott laws of physics,"nothing is impossible and everything is for a reason." Your giant voice and Gentle Ben manner was just what I needed during my last three high school years at Campion. From the joys of serving Mass for you to the long stride walks we shared - you were always the counselor and father image that helped me grow from a little red-headed boy to a man. Thank you Fr. Scott for the thoughtful words and wise counsel. Thank you also for sharing your wonderful children's books. Now being used by the third generation, they still are in good shape and forever popular. During the month of your extraordinary service to The Lord and The Jesuit Community, our daily prayers and thoughts will be with you. During those years you have positively effected the lives of tens of thousands of both young and old. Bless you Father Scott for the love and joys that you have shared with others. Your friend always, Jonny Harper
Tue Aug 29 12:02:05 2006 [Bob Topmiller 1955]: Congradulations on your Diamond Jubilee. That is quite an honor and achievement. I remember your classes as being interesting and invigrating. I had the honor of serving Mass for you in both Lawler Hall and Our Lady of Angels Chapel. God was closest to me when I served your Masses. May God bless you with good health and happiness.
Tue Aug 29 09:59:14 2006 [Clem Steele 1955]: No student could doze off in your Physics Classes. Your Masses at St. Johns in Prairie du Chien could be heard by even the hearing impaired. I was not only your student but a fellow faculty member in Campion's final years. Thanks for many memories
Tue Aug 29 06:43:07 2006 [Jerry Nora 1969]: Dear Father Scott, Congratulations? No, thank you. At Campion your example gave confidence to all of the students, those in your class, those whom you greeted in the hallways, those who had the privilege to serve your Masses. Campion was not always an easy place for young men, but your unvarying kindliness was a constant consolation and source of peace. Your devotion to knowledge taught us that "contemplare est orare." In the final analysis, we all were gratified that a man with your great intellect was happy and devoted to a mission focused on our education and welfare. Before the lessons even started, we were elevated by your companionship. Looking back on this, the gift is even more amazing. Campion's closure must have been most painful for you; Campion is not closed for us because you are keeping us in your prayers. May we always do the same for you. Thank you. A thousand thanks.
Sun Aug 27 03:28:54 2006 [Chris Lamal 1970]: Dear Fr. Scott, When I learned about your 75th anniversary as a Jesuit, it brought back many happy memories of my years at Campion (I graduated in 1970), including my memories of you. I doubt there are many, if any, of us Campion guys you remember personally (as I recall, you had a hard enough time distinguishing among us even when we were sitting in our assigned seats in front of you in class!), but that has never made any difference at all in our affection for you. If anything, it just added to your charismatic charm. Below are some comments I posted several weeks ago about you on another Campion site on the occasion of your 75th anniversary: "Fr. Scott's decades of living and teaching at Campion were perhaps the defining aspect of his life. During those years, Campion WAS his life, and he loved the school in a way and with a hidden intensity that most other, more transient, faculty could not. When Campion did close I understand that, in recognition of his long service and affection for the school, he was one of the last Jesuits permitted to remain on campus after other members of the Jesuit community were reassigned to other locations. "That Fr. Scott really loved Campion was something I think all of us came to understand implicitly when we were students there, even though he was probably the most emotionally remote teacher on campus. To my recollection, he never once talked about Campion or even about himself in class and, living in Lawler Hall, he had almost no contact with us outside the classroom. Living in Lawler Hall, of course, he was also spared the duty of having to discipline our bratty adolescent behavior (do any of you remember having gotten a jug from Fr. Scott?). But I also have the feeling that he's just too sensitive a soul, beneath that stiff exterior, to be a very good disciplinarian anyway. "I remember Fr. Scott with such affection not just because of his endearing personality quirks and dazzling showmanship and enthusiasm in science class but also because of his character, one that combines a keen intellectual curiosity and love of teaching with a sensitive and caring soul. As the expression goes, 'Still waters run deep.'" Father Scott, I can't think of anything I can add to what I've already said above, other than to recall that the major competition among freshmen at Campion during prarents' day weekend was to nab you for a lunch or dinner at Kaber's Blue Heaven with the parents. All of us wanted to show you off to our parents as if, by reflected glory, your presence would itself elevate ourselves in our parents' eyes. Congratulations, Fr. Scott, on your 75th anniversary as a member of the Society of Jesus. My years at Campion were probably the happiest of my life, in no small part because of you. You continue to live on in the affections of the thousands of students you taught. Thank you. Be well. Chris Lamal '70
Sat Aug 26 14:27:00 2006 [Don Drisoll, S.J, 52 ]: Dear John, I have just returned from summer travels and retreats and read these marvelous tributes to you. May I briefly add my on thoughts on your extraordinary life. You were such an example of goodness and kindness to me and my peers at Campion. As I struggled through physics you never once belittled me or any one of us who had a harder time. What a wonderful example that has been in my 40 years of teaching. You reverenced each of us and made us feel sacred in some way. That for me was always highlighted in your celebration of Mass. You evidently were in touch with God in a mysterious, yet tanglible way. From the altar, to the classroom, to the night in Kostka study-hall--------when you batted down a bat with one blow olf a tennis raquet-----------you were always priestly. You have ever been one of my role models. Having lived with you at Creighton for many years, I can truthfully say that you are one of the kindest and most affirming people I have ever known. You make God so believable! God Bless You, John. Ad Multos Annos. Don Driscoll, S.J.
Fri Aug 25 02:13:47 2006 [Nick Wade 53]: Dear Fr. Scott, The only physics I ever learned is some acoutics, and I don't need to wonder why. Let me freshen your memory. In the fall of 1951 you brought the entire iron acoutic assembly of an upright piano into the physics room, captivating as usual all attention. You propped it up against your desk, stepped back a few paces and bellowed at it in the lowest register of your powerful voice. It responded in tones and half-tones and quarters like a good family dog. There was the essential of harmonics. Thanks for this and many other memories. Good bless. Nick Wade
Thu Aug 24 18:01:05 2006 [Roger Mara 1959]: Fr Scott, Thank you for your contagious enthusiasm during your physics classes. Your classes were a memorable experience. As a day student, I remember the local newspaper highlighting your eight gallon milestone as a blood donor. Thank you for you for your life-giving example. The greatest gift from my parents was the opportunity to study under the Jesuits. Thank you for all that you did, congratulations, and God bless you.
Thu Aug 24 16:58:38 2006 [George Dorsey 1955]: Dear Father Scott, Congratulations on your anniversary. You taught me junior physics in 1953-54. You were prefect on one of the floors of Marquette Hall. I remember you very fondly. I felt inspired by your teaching to major in physics at St. Joseph's College (now U.) in Philadelphia, and do some grad study in physics at U. Of Penn. I am indebted to you. Fondly, George Dorsey, Campion '55
Thu Aug 24 09:47:03 2006 [Fr. Jack Zuercher, S.J. ]: Fr. Scott: I will always treasure the two years I had as a Regent teaching at Campion. You were always so generous with your time, loving your teaching and the young men, and doing such a good job! Our physics results were always at the top of the compared scores of other Jesuit high schools.
Thu Aug 24 09:02:15 2006 [Michael J. Mullin 1953]: Thank you for all of the great memories that I have of your classes at Campion, Congratulations and Best Wishes on your 75th Anniversity.
Wed Aug 23 18:20:52 2006 [Leon Hofer 1967]: Congratulations on your 75 years of dedicated service. I know that teaching was something you loved. I also remember that booming voice that never needed amplification at masses. Thank you for all that you have done. I will remember you always with fond memories of my years at Campion.
Wed Aug 23 08:46:28 2006 [Fr. Scott Otting 1953]:


             FR. PAUL OTTING
             CAMPION CLASS OF '53

Wed Aug 23 08:03:18 2006 [Ray Harris 1955]: Dear Fr. Scott. Congratulations on your anniversary....a real achievement. I was in the class of 1955 at Campion, and you taught me some physics. I went on to study English Lit..and eventually law...and spent a career in banking. Campion was a tough 4 years for me. but it got me into Holy Cross...taught me a lot about how to to grow up. I am, of course, still learning these lessons at age 68. Thanks to you for your real contribution to my time at Campion.
Wed Aug 23 07:30:47 2006 [John Powers 1964]: Fr. Scott, Congratulations on your 75th anniversary! I remember your physics classes like it was yesterday. The enthusiasm that was evident in your teaching is something I will always remember. Do you possibly recall in 1964 that my dad, who was in the electronics business, brought an early laser to Campion on one of his visits to me and my brother and we showed it to you and aimed it at Lucey Hall? With no ill effects I might add. In any case, my best wishes to You. John Powers, class of 64.
Tue Aug 22 09:35:09 2006 [Mark Schubring 1972]: Fr. Scott, Congrats on reaching such a milestone, but more importantly for all the students you touched. Whether it was in the class room with proving to us that low doses of microwave energy could light a flourescent tube (with apparently no long term ill effects) or that static electicity can be fun, to outside the class with many a freshman attempting to imitate your voice - all to no avail. It takes a special person to teach freshman. Thank you for introducing us to the wonders of God's universe !!!
Tue Aug 22 08:32:27 2006 [Peter G. Carey 1960]: Fr. Scott - While I was not in one of your classes, I will always remember the "world record" masses that you offered. I never knew that anyone could think or speak Latin that quickly!!! I do owe all of you and Campion a great deal of gratitude ... God Bless You. Peter
Mon Aug 21 16:48:14 2006 [John O'Sullivan 1974]: Father Scott, congratulations on your 75th Anniversary! I will always remember your General Science class for two reasons. First, because of you saying, "Gentleman, it's absoulutely amazing!" and secondly, because of the homework questions that you made us write the answers for prior to each class. You made the class exciting and interesting for all of us and gave us the discipline to think about the material that we were studying about. Thank you Father Scott!
Mon Aug 21 11:43:06 2006 [Jonathan Preston 1970]: Dear Father Scott, Your science classes set the bar for all of my future science teachers...none came close. Your brilliance, enthusiasm and demonstration techniques are unique unto you. I still have a vivid visual of you excitedly demonstrating basic principles of electricity, hands clasped around an electrically charged orb and your hair standing straight out from your head! I would also like to thank you for your support of the Prairie du Chien community. Being a town student, and before Campion, I first was made aware of you from the pulpit of St. John's Parish. I was serving one of the early Masses that you so often covered. To this day I remember you tying together a recent space launch to the Gospel reading, I'm sure a first for St. John's. The point is that you were able to do it in an understandable and acceptable way. You truely are a man of God and science. The countless students that passed through your classroom, many residents of Prairie du Chien, and myself are all indebted to you. My wife Carol and I send you our sincerest thoughts and prayers as you celebrate your 75th anniversary as a Jesuit. Jon
Mon Aug 21 10:52:17 2006 [Kevin Henneberry 1970]: Fr. Scott, Congratulations! I enjoyed the general science and the physics classes I took with you. (Although, my math skills did not serve me very well in physics.) Years later when I was an instructor in the U.S. Navy, and, afterwards when I taught overseas in Saudi Arabia, I was able to explain to expalin chemical reactions and thermodynamics to young sailors. Although I never did that well in your classes I remembered the basics and was able to do some research and I was amazed at how much came back to me. The best thing I took away from you and Campion was the ability to think. Again - Congratulations Kevin F Henneberry '70
Mon Aug 21 10:31:36 2006 [Pat Biggam 1965]: Congratultions! One of the best teachers I ever had - I particularly remember your use of demonstratives to illustrate a point, such as the fact that the bottom of the tire on a moving car does not "move" on the ground, but is acutally stationary. You demonstrated this with a toy tank and a piece of chalk. I was also in your class when the news of JFK's assassination was announced over the PA system. You have clearly touched the minds and the hearts of thousands - congratulations.
Sun Aug 20 20:15:35 2006 [Clay Whiting 1954]: Dear Fr/ Scott -- Your senior physics class left me with a powerful respect for science in general, and physics In particular. I wasn't aware of it until now, but I'm quite sure you had a good deal to do with my majoring in Chemistry at Holy Cross College In Worcester, MA while I was on my 4-year Regular NROTC scholarship. For certain, I remember your teaching the formula for electric power as PIE, same as the name of the truck line. [P=IE, of course.]
Sun Aug 20 10:11:57 2006 [Bob Collins 1950]: Sun. Aug. 20, 2006 Dear Fr. Scott, First let me say -- to have lived the length of life you have enjoyed is in and of itself a tremendous accomplishment; but, to have lived 75 years as an active consecrated priest is absolutely awesome. Just think of the thousands of lives you have touched --- the only unfortunate part is that you will have to wait to see our maker before you will be able to realize the extent of and remarkably wonderful impact you had on each and every one of these lives. I have always remembered your gentle nature and the way you deal with us even when we were wrong or just goofing off. Thank you for your blessedness and contribution you made to my life. I have received and continued to receive many blessings ... I was first blessed with you and the rest of the Jesuits who not only taught me many subjects but also many lessons of life, love, sharing, and the molding of my faith, my soul and my spiritual life ... My wonderful "Polish" wife, the sister of Bernie Karwowski, my classmate at Campion ('50), our three children, and five grand chilren, 22 - 14 ... (we will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary next year and pray we will reach our 75th anniversary of marriage)... the gift of medical school and 39 years of practice, the last 30 as a Plastic Surgeon ...many wonderful retreats and finally a call to the Diaconate, ordained in April 2004 ...Faith, Family, and Friends are my real blessings ... I truly believe that through the example of your way of life and the way you touched me has indirectly touched each of the thousands of patients and parishoners I have directly and indirectly touched ... now multiply those you have touched through me by all of just the students you touched directly in your years of teaching and you can begin to realize the effect you have had on MILLIONS of people. I can hear our brother Jesus saying someday, "Well done my good and faithful servant; Now, enter into the place of my Father, which I have prepared for you." May God bless you Fr. Scott, a truly Gentle and Loving Person, Priest, and Friend, now and for all eternity. Please keep me and my family in your prayers as I do in a very special way, YOU and all the religious who have been a part of my life, particularly my teachers and role models. Your brother in Christ, Bob Collins ('50).
Sun Aug 20 09:51:56 2006 [Billy La Rocque 1961]: Father Scott, Congratulations on your 75th anniversary. You have always been an inspiration to me and I well remember and admired your classes.
Sun Aug 20 08:45:17 2006 [Cy Schrimpf '50]: Dear Father, Congratulations on your seventy-fifth anniversary! I still have fond memories of your physics class...I guess it was the A I got. Much good luck and good health. Cy Schrimpf
Sun Aug 20 08:27:06 2006 [Pete Strzok 1953]: Father Scott:Warm congratulations on your 75th anniversary as a Jesuit. The last time we corresponded had to do with work I was doing in West Africa. I think it was somehow related to my brother, Fr James J Strzok,SJ, and his work in Uganda, with the East African Province of the Jebbies.I am proud to say that I introduced Jim to Africa in 1985, when I asked him to photo document the Sahelian drought that year. We started at the Jesuit House in Oyagadougou, Burkina Faso, traveled to Mali and Niger as well as within Burkina. The photos Jim took helped me establish a non-government organization, called AFGRO, located at the HHHumphrey Institute of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota; later AFGRO and UMN did an important crop protection project using extracts from the seeds of the neem tree to protect crops against the locust and grasshopper invasions that periodically invade the croplands of Africa. In a real sense, Jim's photos were helpful in energizing an American Foundation to get AFGRO started and providing the seed money for the collaborative work with locally available, biopesticide neem extracts, which degrades rapidly and is, in any case safe for almost all non-targetted species, especially mammals, including humans, that historically suffered greatly with the powerful synthetic insecticides used to control the outbreaks of locusts and grasshoppers. Many African countries are adopting biopesticides as a first response and reducing use of synthetic insecticides that caused serious collateral damage to non-targeted species. My brother Jim holds that Fr. John Scott was the inspiration for him to become a Jesuit, so I can thank you for your quiet but efficacious influemce on Jim's work and the impetus it gave in allowing me to pursue my work with West African village sustainability issues in a much more effective way. So thank you, Fr John Scott for your great strength as an educator and role model as a selfless human being that inspired so many of us to seek better things for the disadvantaged members of the human race. With expressions of admiration and affection, Pete Strzok, Class of '53.
Sat Aug 19 19:20:59 2006 [Robert McGlynn 1970]: Father Scott: I have many memories of Campion, but the strongest were your science classes in that wonderful room. You were a terrific teacher and loved all the things you used to make science real to us. One strong rememberance was the Van de Graaf Generator with volunteers having hands on the globe and their hair standing straight up. I felt we were very lucky to have someone of your caliber teaching us. You shouldn't have been stuck with a bunch of rambunctious boys, I thought of you as someone who should be at some great college or even on television. I thank you for the time, the inspiration and encouragement that helped develop my inquisitive mind and a love for learning.
Sat Aug 19 19:02:15 2006 [Chuck Holland 1953]: Hello Father Scott. Congratulations on your 75th year as a Jesuit,God's First Legion. Thank you for your years of service to all whose lives you have enriched, either in person, or through your dedication in writing many Physics texts for students who may never have had the honor of knowing you as did we at Campion. God Bless You.
Sat Aug 19 11:47:27 2006 [David Zamierowski 1960]: Father Scott: Everytime I crawl into the small engine compartment on our sailboat (our retirement passion) I think of you. My most vivid recollection from your class is your warning and demonstration, with one hand in your pocket, to prevent completing a circuit across your heart when handling live electrical wires. I remember that and take care to place my hands and my tools as I work on the battery bank in the boat. A teacher can never instill enough "facts" to last a student's lifetime. What great teachers like you instilled was wonder, awe and love for the subject and a desire to learn for a lifetime. I directly attribute my success as an inventor and my love for continuing learning (current tutorial in fluid dynamics) to the love of science awakened in me in your classroom. With deep gratitude, congratulations on your silver jubilee.
Sat Aug 19 09:01:32 2006 [Lu Ann (David) Lipke ]: Father Scott: While I am not a graduate of Campion, my oldest brother Larry and my husband Dan are. I have very fond memories of your visits to our family's home in Prairie du Chien (Lawrence and La Von David, your booming voice, exuberance for life and the world around. Congratulations on this milestone and thanks for the memories.
Fri Aug 18 18:15:50 2006 [Ed Witt SJ 1966]: Congratulations, therefore, Fr. Scott! God bless you.
Fri Aug 18 16:33:32 2006 [BOB MCNAMARA 1970]: Dear Father Scott: Thank you for your many, many demonstrations in class. Your class was the highlight of my freshman year courses. You are a great individual and gentleman. Thank you, again.
Fri Aug 18 12:40:00 2006 [Jim Radde, SJ 56]: Dear John, Congratulations on your 75th. I'll always remember your chapel talk, unaided by microphone, about John McGill's father. Bless you. Jim
Fri Aug 18 10:24:42 2006 [Bob DuBrul 1953]: Happy Anniversary, Fr. John. What a great chance this is for me to thank you. For those many gifts from years ago (can't believe the time lapse). The great physics class (how did you stay so enthusiastic doing it class after class for all sections) the sense of humor and surprise, and for your reverent and respectful example in liturgy. Have good memories of your years in the Society, and of Campion and those of us that challenged you. Bob DuBrul
Fri Aug 18 10:21:00 2006 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Congratulations, Fr. Scott, on your 75th anniversary as a Jesuit. My most vivid memory of you is your exhortation, "JUST THINK OF IT, GENTLEMEN!!!", usually proclaimed to the class after one of your amazing experiments and before your discussion of the significance and/or applications of the phenomenon just demonstrated. To this day, I sometimes say this to myself when I see something remarkable.
Fri Aug 18 09:12:54 2006 [Roger Davis 1956]: I still remember Fr. Scot demonstrating sympathetic vibration when he stood to the side of frame and stinged portion of a piano and then, using that great deep booming voice, setting the strings to vibrating by just letting loose a low, loud sound and a lung full of air. I repeated that tale many times to my children when they were youngsters. About how a good teacher can bring learning alive and make it fun. Happy anniversary, Fr. Scott!
Fri Aug 18 08:32:22 2006 [Bob Barmann 1953]: Fifty thousand killivolts of hi-frequency good wishes to Father Scott. You used to leave messages like that to us on the Marquette Hall bulletin board when we returned from vacation. I have many happy memories of your physics classes and Marquette Hall. Best Wishes Bob Barmann
Fri Aug 18 07:57:52 2006 [Rich Garich 1970]: Congratulations Fr. Scott. Spending time in your class always brought me back to the things that I was most comfortable with and taught me that the seeds for imagination where everywhere one would look. Thank you for planting many memorable seeds.
Fri Aug 18 07:57:18 2006 [Michael Casey 1978]: Father Scott, Congratulations to you on your Diamnod Jubilee. You have been an inspiration to many over the years. Best Wishes to you.
Fri Aug 18 04:22:44 2006 [F. Denny Newell 1966]: Happy Anniversary, Fr. Scott! You really peaked my interest in science... I have gone into medical device sales (pacemakers, implantable cardiac defibrillators, heart valves, etc.) and love it. I can still remember some of your presentations in Campion Hall. I would have to rate you as one of the more positive influences in my life. Thank you and God bless. Denny
Thu Aug 17 21:36:20 2006 [Pat Clark 1969]: Father Scott, congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee. For some reason unbeknownst to me, I did not have you as a teacher, just like the rest of the class of 1969 that have left posts in the guestbook. I, however, was very fortunate to be exposed to your wondrous appreciation of science and the incredible manner of your delivery years before I went to Campion. On a few occasions, as I am sure your recall, you said the Sunday 11:00 AM mass at St. Mary's in McGregor, IA, across the river from Prairie du Chien. Your sermons were by far the most captivating that I had ever heard. I remember one in particular whose subject was the Jews as the chosen people of God. You mentioned a litany of names of inventors and scientists who were Jewish, and challenged anyone to believe that they were not God's chosen people given this incredible evidence. It was the best sermon that I have heard in my entire life, and I was 10 or 11 years old at the time. Your sermons inspired me to attend Campion and to make my vocation engineering. I have participated in some of the most incredible spaceflight events in the history of our country, including the Skylab project and the first Space Shuttle mission. And I have been so very privileged to work at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory for the past 25 years, an institution which I truly believe houses one of the most significant engineering and science brain trusts in the entire world. Occasionally, a newcomer to the lab will ask me why I think so many of our wonderful colleagues at the lab are Jewish. And I invariably think back on that Sunday morning in McGregor when Father John Scott explained it in a voice that sent shivers up my back. And I reply, "they are the chosen ones."
Thu Aug 17 20:28:59 2006 [Vince Chiara 1960]: Wonderful news!! Your years of dedication have left their mark on scores of students! I read through the messages from your students, my classmates. Their messages brought back many memeories of Campion and how much you enriched our education, prepared us for the future, and made classes very intesting. Your physics classes poured over into math and a lot of "so how does that thing work?" It was also intesting to read the messages from those who were not your students. They sound a bit jealous! Thank you! Vince Chiara '60
Thu Aug 17 19:22:04 2006 [Mike Kelley 1965]: Congratulatons on accomplishing 75 years in education and the priesthood. You have touched the lives of thousands as an educator and priest. I was well prepared for college level physics after my time at Campion. You certainly have the all time record for patience to have been able to teach a science course to young hghschool guys for such a long time and keep the topics interesting and challanging. You have lived up to the letters AMDG. God bless you and thanks. Mike Kelley '65'
Thu Aug 17 18:55:59 2006 [John Kunkel 1972]: Father Scott, may God continue to bless you now & always! Congratulations on such a fantastic milestone! You are loved & remembered for your patience and focus in teaching us during our youth. Always making each topic you presented interesting and memorable. I will carry with me always very fond memories of your positive manners and deep appreciation for life itself! You are in my thoughts & prayers.....thank you for sharing a small part of your life with me as my freshman science teacher! John Kunkel '72
Thu Aug 17 17:40:46 2006 [Bill Englehart 1964]: Fr. Scott, congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee! You have made a difference in this world through your teaching. I was fortunate to have been in your class. Campion lives on through you and us. Thanks for the memories.
Thu Aug 17 16:46:35 2006 [Ben Malin 1955]: Many memories were jogged at our last years 50-year class reunion, and those included some unforgettable Physics classes with Fr. Scott. I can still hear the snapping of that static generator wheel, and the smell of ozone and electrons bouncing around the room, students' hair standing on end. Heck, I am looking at my old copy of "Visualized Physics" (Taffel) right now. Most of us thought we were pretty senior guys last September. Gosh, Father, you must have neck ties older than any of us, so this celebration of your 75 years of service looms largest in any comparison. Congratulations and many more, Sir. I'll never forget some of those days in you classroom. Thanks so much. Ben Malin "55
Thu Aug 17 16:30:27 2006 [John Kleihege 1970]: Congratulations on your 75th anniversary. Thank you for giving of yourself so generously. Best Wishes and Blessings
Thu Aug 17 15:45:59 2006 [Jim Hartigan 1971]: What fond memories coupled with a smile surface with Fr. Scott's manner of turning A "drab" subject into a wonderfully exciting time. Will always hear the deep booming voice along with the patience and willingness to foster learning when recalling his science classes. Thanks FR. Scott and congragulations. May you see many more. Jim Hartigan
Thu Aug 17 15:05:30 2006 [Bill Small 1972]: On the first day of Freshmen Orientation, I sit down at my desk in General Science. On my desk is a stack of books. Fr. Scott announces that we'll go through all of these books in this class. I had my doubts as to whether the school year would be long enough to go through them all. Then I discovered that they were all written by him! I knew then that I was in for a 'lesson' and what a great class it was. Fr. Scott truely made science fun and his was one of the few classes I did not skip to play euchre in the "town bomber" lounge. Thank you Fr. Scott. Bill("Tiny"...thanks Fr. "A") Small D.S. 72
Thu Aug 17 14:26:53 2006 [Paul C. Wagner 1970]: Fr. Scott I wanted to wish you well and Congratulations on your 75th anniversary! It has been many years since I was a student of your but I can vividly remember the many examples of science and wonder that you instilled in me to look at my surrounding and how amaizing this world that God made truely is. I wish that all of the other teacher that I had through my high school and college courses had the same enthusiasm that you brought to your course. Your books and teachings were greatly appreciated and fondly remembered. My Best - Paul C. Wagner 1970
Thu Aug 17 14:13:09 2006 [Jack Simms 1971]: Father Scott: You were my freshman year general science teacher for the school year 1967-1968. You were (and still are) simply the GREATEST. Congratulations and bless you on your 75th anniversary. Jack Simms
Thu Aug 17 13:13:13 2006 [Camp Kersten 1950 ]: Greetings and congratulations, Fr. Scott. From across the decades I can still vividly picture you as a vigorous and kindly young Jesuit introducing us callow juniors to the wonders of physics with clarity and flair. Your demonstrations and experiments certainly earned you the title of the Wizard of Campion Hall. You were a wonderful model for us and thousands more. God bless you on your 75th Anniversary and for all your days.
Thu Aug 17 12:24:13 2006 [michael kurbs 1969]: Congrats on making 75 years. Need to look you up in the old year book, since I did not have you as a teacher or mentor during my years at Campion.
Thu Aug 17 12:21:42 2006 [Ed RyanMD 1965]: Great Scott Batman! Congratsulation on your 75 years in the Jesuits and educating young men. I remember you and your classes fondly. Thanks for all those great visual experiments that I vividly recalled when taking college physics at John Carroll U. God Bless and thanks.
Thu Aug 17 12:04:34 2006 [Leonardo Bertucci 1972]: Congrats on your 75th. Never had you at Campion during my incarceration there from 9/70-6/72. Had to look you up in the yearbook to remind me of you but although there is a picture of you, I don't recall ever seeing you before. My loss as atested to by so many others who have sent their best wishes. I always thought the true test of a Catholic School was not how many graduated but, instead, how many of the students you touched kept their faith and continued to work toward their salvation as we are called by the Catholic faith. As you look back on your many years of service, ponder the many lives you've directed toward our Lord and what your service there has accomplished. Nothing will be finer than upon your entry to Paradise that you hear the words, "Well done my good and faithful servant." I look forward to seeing you in Paradise by God's grace and mercy. God loves you and so do I. Blessings always, Leo
Thu Aug 17 10:11:37 2006 [Steve Furman 1956]: Dear Father Scott...I extend my best wishes to you. I was in one of your many, many Physics classes that you have taught over the years. You made me feel comfortable and welcome in your class. Thank you very much. I served at your Masses many times especially the early hour Mass in old Lawler Hall. I was usually half asleep and I only began to wake up when the Mass was over. Fast Masses to a sleepy 15 year old lad were terrific.
Thu Aug 17 10:09:20 2006 [George Price 48]: Congratulations on your 75th anniversry.Those days that we spent at Campion will never be forgotten and are our treasure. Thanks so much to you and all the jebbies who gave us leadership and an example when we all most needed it. AMDG George Price
Thu Aug 17 09:02:47 2006 [Chris Schmit 1961]: The thing that amazed me while in his classes was that he made science real not just book learning. I can still remembeer the day he bet the class noone had the lung power to use lung power push the mercury to the top of the column tube he had set up in class. I took up his bet and proceeded to overflow the column. Fr Scott remembered that event for the remaining years at Campion and reminded me regularily. Happy 75th & I pray you have many more!!! Chris Schmitt class of '61
Thu Aug 17 08:55:14 2006 [Bob Shiley 1964]: Fr. Scott: Congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee as a Jesuit. In this world of ever-changing values and beliefs, it is a testament to your deep faith and devotion to God that you have achieved this special milestone. As with countless other Campion alumni, I fondly remember your profound love of physics and the absolute, almost childlike glee you had in sharing your "toys" with us to expound on the wonders of science. Groaning as I sometimes do about the lengthy reading of the Passion nowadays, a smile comes over my face as I harken back to timing your speed reading, which would impress even Evelyn Wood, so that we could get to our Easter break on time. Later on in life, I gobbled up your articles in "Leaves," which professed your unbounded enthusiasm for God, life, and science. Thank you for the profound, positive impact you have had on so many. May God continue to bless you mightily.
Thu Aug 17 08:55:03 2006 [Michael Cummings 1958]: Fr. Scott: Congratulations on your 75th anniversary as a Jesuit (from the kid you allowed to use the lab to build a Van de Graaff generator). You were certainly the most memorable of all the great teachers my (late) brother Corby and I were privileged to have at Campion. Your physics classes were an inspiration. Best wishes and happy memories.
Thu Aug 17 08:46:01 2006 [Bernard Zayner 1972]: Dear Father Scott, As a freshman I marvelled at your love and continued wonder for all creation....Now as a science(anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, pathology and Chinese Medicine) teacher in 3 massage schools and one Oriental Medicine school in Chicago...Im still emulating the passions I felt in your scientific stadium...When I feel the wonder and see the amazement in their eyes and the room goes silent for what seems to be an eternity I know why you loved your craft so much....God Bless you Father on this amazing anniversary ...You were one of the great "Ones" in my life....As a footnote Im now working on my Doctor's license in Naprapathy and Im licensed in Chinese Medicine...and I just sent one of my 4 sons(Josiah) off last week to Appalachian State in NC to assistant teach and work on his Master's in Microbiology...Your influence is thru the generations....
Thu Aug 17 08:22:38 2006 [Bill Sheehan 1972]: Most men would be fullfilled with just a mark left on the world. Dear Sir, you have dented it!
Thu Aug 17 07:59:17 2006 [Louis Pagano 1971]: Fr. Scott: Congratulations on another milestone. 75 years, whow! I have nothing but fond memories of your classes. I still remember so much of what you taught. From the obvious things like the principles of science to the little ones like always holding a glass jar with one finger under the base so it can't fall out of your hand. To this day I hold all glass containers that way! I even make my sons do that. You touched our lives in so many ways.Thank You!!!
Thu Aug 17 07:24:11 2006 [Dennis G. Owens 1970]: "Gladly would he learn and gladly would he teach": Thank you Fr. Scott for being a giant of a Jesuit, and for the memories of your dazzling demonstrations in our freshman year science class which have remained with me over the years - and which continue with me as an amateur radio operator. (N7GU) I live in Montana now, and Butte is my favorite city - your hometown I believe - so I think of you often, as well as what a journey your life has been since Butte. Mrs. Owens and I have been blessed with four sons, all of whom have graduated from a Jesuit high school. I thank God for your presence and the presence of Campion in my life. As does our family. AMDG, Dennis Owens, Campion '70
Thu Aug 17 07:20:29 2006 [Steve Schneider 68]: Fr Scott: There are men and women who make the world better just by being the kind of people they are. Such a person is Father Scott. I trust you look back on your years as proudly as we are for having shared some of your life. Congratulations again on your 75th Anniversary!
Thu Aug 17 07:16:42 2006 [George Gaffney 1960]: Congratulations on your 75th anniversary. You are one of the few teachers that I still talk about today. I wish schools would teach Physics the practical way you did, so more young people would know how things work. You defintiely made it real for almost anyone to take Physics. Your very timely masses, when needed, will always be remembered. God bless you and may you have a Happy 75th and many more.
Thu Aug 17 07:10:31 2006 [John Dudek 1965]: Father Scott,on behalf of my brothers Paul, Campion 1968 and Ed, Campion 1970, we want to extend our best wishes for your 75th anniversary as a Jesuit. I always thought your class was fun, but the memory that is very clear is my 1975 visit to Campion after the closing was announced. You toured my wife and I and we ended in our physics classroom.As we talked about all the equipment you used in class, you spotted a large voltmeter and asked if I would care to have it. It's been on my home office desk ever since. Thank you.John
Thu Aug 17 06:52:17 2006 [Steve Bowers 1970]: Father Scott, all I can say is Wow!! and my heartfelt congratulations on your 75th anniversary. Seems like only yesterday that I trudged off to your classroom on Saturday morning. From the Van de Graaff generator exhibition to your enthusiasm for science, Saturday mornings were never dull or uninteresting.What I really am thankful for is your article about walking across the floor of the Grand Canyon published in the Arizona Highway magazine in the late 1970's. It was very powerful and exhibited your wonderful writing style much like your text book which I still have, somewhere. God Bless you for your contribution to the countless students in your life.
Thu Aug 17 06:48:20 2006 [Doug Grim 1958]: Dear Father Scott--God Bless you on this wonderful 75th anniversary celebration of teaching. You not only influenced young minds but always had a smile of happiness and "can you believe this". I was never a star student but was influenced by your passion for what you did. As I try to pass that passion on to my high school aged grandchildren, I realize how blessed and talented you were as a teacher. And your early dawn, pre vacation ( Zip) masses,as we heard the Burlington Zephyr's horn in the distance, will forever be etched in my mind of fondest of memories. AMDG--Doug Grim
Thu Aug 17 06:23:48 2006 [Tom Lochner 72]: Father Scott, Congratulations on your 75th anniversay as a Jesuit. I along with my brothers Mark 64, Paul 66, Louis 71 and father Don 39 offer you our heartfelt congratulations and prayers. I too recall the excitement of your classes, the raised seating in the lecture hall (not to be experienced again until university life,)your booming voice and enthusiasm for the subject you loved so dearly. I also recall your visits with Brother Daley to our family home on the Schwinn bicycles we as children thought so cool. Congratulations and God Speed.
Thu Aug 17 06:03:12 2006 [ed gormley 58]: i was never much of a science student but i was always entertained in your many others i still remember the mass before we went home for holidays 10 minutes a world record.congratulations on your 75 th anniversity.god bless you.
Thu Aug 17 05:58:20 2006 [Clet Althoff 1970]: Simply are BRILLIANT!, and as a gentleman and a scholar of both religion and science you defined, for all of us, what it ment to be a Jesuit in it's true sense. You may not remember each of us over the mist of these many years, but each of us remembers you as you brought the class to attention with your booming voice and the sign of the cross "IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER AND THE SON...." God has blessed us with you.
Thu Aug 17 05:49:18 2006 [B. Jack Longley 1970]: Fr. Scott, may you recieve back all the blessings that you have given us. I am now a Physician and a successful scientist, and I look back at my classes with you at Campion as my first inspiration to study science. You have such a gift for demonstrations and explanations of scientific phenomena. Your lessons were clear, and most importantly, fun. Even better were the occasional opportunities to see your wonderful stash of devices in that room behind the blackboard, which we referred to as "Scooter's (that's you) toy room", what a wonderful place. Thanks to you again for being such a great teacher.
Thu Aug 17 05:39:52 2006 [Joe Arkison 1964]: Father Scott, Congratulations on your 75th. You inspired a love for science for all of us. We were blessed to have had you be a part of our lives. God blesses all those who have been taught by you. I/we will never forget you and that vacuum globe. May God continue to bless you.
Thu Aug 17 05:00:32 2006 [Dennis O'Toole 1966]: Father Scott: congratulations and blessings on your 75th anniverary. I doubt you would remember me as I was about as clueless in physics class as one could be, at least when I started your class. But I will never forget your patience and hopeful attitude that one day I would "get it". Thank you for that gift Father Scott.
Thu Aug 17 04:53:10 2006 [Tom Marten 1970]: Father Scott congratulation on 75 years. During my time at Campion you were and inspiration connecting science to my small world. Your countless gadgets and demonstrations always amazed me. You mixed with the most influential men of our time and you brought that all to your class room. It was very humbling. You started me on a journey I am still on today. As the years go by something that impressed me even more is your Catholic faith and the vocation you chose. Being a Jesuit Priest and a scientist was never a contradiction. Thank you for the life lessons and the life time example. You are truly a brilliant man of God. Thank you for all you have done.
Thu Aug 17 04:52:22 2006 [Alan Peschke 1964]: God bless you, Father Scott - a magnificent man with a magnificent mind who could raise the roof rafters with perfect ennunciation and diction. Physics still remains as my most memorable class. In chapel those 15 minute masses were wonderful.
Thu Aug 17 04:39:41 2006 [Paul J. O'Sullivan 1957-1961]: Fr. Scott Congratulations on your 75th anniversary. Always looked forward to your classes.
Thu Aug 17 04:14:50 2006 [Jim Bishop 1958]: Who could forget the booming voice, the attention getter, the class room wizard, I'll never forget holding the 2 wires and watching the smile on the big guys face as he turned up the juice, he would smirk as some guys freaked out and others just stared him down...always a perfect gentleman and one of the best to autograph your "short-bounds" card along with Zuercher and Brother Gaul...
Thu Aug 17 04:13:08 2006 [Francis C. Link 1974]: Father John Scott. Congradulations on a great journey. I would like to know how many students have been influenced by your knowledge. Enough to fill the heavens that you spoke of. I tell people of your books, that you wrote and used in class, and of the "back room" filled with gadgets and devises that a Hollywood props department would pay millions for. God bless you Fr. John Scott. You will always be in our hearts and minds, as long as ther are Campion grads on this earth. Yours in science, Francis (Boysie) Link, 1974
Thu Aug 17 04:07:22 2006 [John F. Ormsby 1971]: Being a priest for 75 years is a remarkable achievement. Therefore consequently, you should be congragulated. Best Wishes, John F. Ormsby
Thu Aug 17 03:58:21 2006 [Gregory Vatterott 1960]: Dear Father Scott: Greetings from St. Louis Missouri on your 75th anniversary! Since I was a transfer to Campion for my Junior and Senior years, (my father observed that a 16 year old with a new drivers license did not set a stage for academic excellance-I maintain that he needed my space/room at the house for my siblings of which I had 16), I was in awe with Campion, the student body and spirit and our Jesuit community. I remember your Latin masses, completed in under 13 minutes, and your commanding presence and voice. It was truly an experience that has shaped and favorably impacted my subsequent career as an attorney and homebuilder. Thank you for your contribution, may God continue to bless you. Gregory B. Vatterott (1960)
Thu Aug 17 03:43:26 2006 [Doug Mainor 1978]: Dear Father Scott, it is with great pleasure that I am able to post a salutation to you for your 75th anniversary. To this day I tell stories of your classes, and consider you to be the finest teacher I ever had bar none. I hope my children have teachers that are at least half the mentor that you are. GOD bless you and keep you safe.
Thu Aug 17 00:36:59 2006 [Don DuBrul 1962]: Congratulation on your 75th Anniversary. I really miss the "helium" demonstrations that you gave around homecoming time. While the helium was for the halftime balloons, it did provide some interesting demonstration in class. Do I need to say anything about its vocal affects??? And yes I too timed the length of the passion when you said mass on Palm Sundays! Usually under 90 seconds and the last gospel was around 7 seconds. Hope your mind is still as sharp and playful as it was back in the early sixties. Best Wishes!
Wed Aug 16 22:02:26 2006 [Mike A. Grosko 1977]: Dear Fr. Scott: Congratulations on your celebration of 75 years in the Society of Jesus! You taught and demonstrated “General Science” to me beginning in the fall of 1973 when I enrolled as a Freshman, sitting in the second row of your memorable lecture room. To this day, I vividly recall my first exposure to your HIGH IMPACT approach to the dissemination of knowledge when you rose and gave an exhilarating speech in the Freshman gymnasium welcoming our class and our parents. You spoke of the wonders of God’s creation as revealed to the early explorers of Yellowstone Park who witnessed astounding geysers, “boiling mud” and great creatures roaming in vast numbers. Thanks to you, I can still recite Newton’s laws of motion as readily as my birth date - “A body at rest tends to stay at rest. A body in motion tends to stay in motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an external force” – from which flows the equation F=MA. Years later, when I was taking my Dynamics class in Engineering at Marquette University, I realized that was the key to understanding the whole foundation of the subject by simply recalling F=MA. (And I did well in that class!) I remember that you were born in Butte, Montana. And when I visited Butte just last month, I couldn’t help but think what it was like for you to grow up in that vast expanse of natural beauty. Your inspired teaching legacy always reminds me of the final scene of the movie “Good Bye Mr. Chips”, wherein Mr. Chippings fondly recalls that he’s taught “hundreds of boys” over the years who now have gone on to become men, each carrying a part of you with them. Thank you for the part of yourself you gave me and for all you did in the name of God’s greater glory. As you were then, still you remain a GIANT among men! May God grant all his blessings upon you!
Wed Aug 16 21:31:03 2006 [Bob Schwalbach 1967]: Fr. Scott -- Looks like you've got the physics of longevity down pat. Congratulations. And thanks for teaching me everything I know about physics.
Wed Aug 16 21:10:28 2006 [Steve Donlon 65]: Fr. John Your classes remain in my memory as the perfect melding of science and show-biz flair, required to maintain the attention span of male teenagers to enable the learning of the basics of physics. Recently, in my parents' home the microwave circuit breaker kept popping. The family said, "the micro wave is ancient, time to replace". I took the electrical data from the back of the microwave, remebering the basic electrical formulas you provided at Campion, proved the microwave was not the culprit, but a circuit breaker required replacement. During USN bootcamp, the classifiers saw my Jesuit training, and sent me to a special room to complete form after form of personal background information; I was even permitted to call my mother to obtain additional information...something special for boot camp. This was my first step into Department of Defense cryptology; today I still support DoD cryptologic efforts. Today I realize the value of the Jesuit education and the Campion experience. I know several Chicago Province Jesuits who have celebrated 50 years in the Society ... Steve Donlon (my uncle); Don Hayes (Loyola of Chicago Sodlity, also known as God's Vice President), Johm Powell (Loyola Univeresity professor and author). I can not that thank the Campion and Loyola Jesuits enough for molding me during my formative years. Congratualtions on 75 years as a Jesuit, and the effort expended by you and your Jesuits in providing us a solid "bedrock" for future development. Steve Donlon
Wed Aug 16 16:21:34 2006 [MIKE COSTABILE 56]: Father you were an exceptional science teacher and Jesuit who contributed to my more than we both know towards my high school years and the years that followed. Thanks for the memories and the education.
Wed Aug 16 16:08:39 2006 [Chuck Lambeck 1960]: Congratulations on your 75th Anniversary Jubilee. I'd say that you are the best remembered and respected Jeb that taught at Campion. At the Florida all-class reunions, someone always asks if anyone knows how you're doing and the the Fr. Scott stories start. Everyone has a story to tell; mine has to do with your static electricity demonstration. Somehow you got too close & bumped one of the silver glodes & all of your hair shot straight out. Didn't seem to phase you but it certainly had us talking.
Wed Aug 16 16:05:52 2006 [Bill Ramacciotti 1951]: Father if you remember (a lot to ask) I was from Nebraska City, Nebr. and we use to visit about the Missouri & Mississippi Rivers.We both shared love of the rivers .When I was in Civil Engineering School at the University of Nebraska my professors always asked me where I got such a great background in Physics. I said Fr. Scott at Campion. They said I was very lucky to have such a great teacher. Congratulation I will always remember you and your classes.
Wed Aug 16 16:05:08 2006 [Jerry Wagner 1969]: Congratulations on the milestone and in the difference you have made in so many lives during the course of your career. While I did not have you as a teacher, you were a legend then as now. I recall your booming voice and imposing frame as a freshman, but later realized beneath this dwelled the heart & soul of a man who genuinely cared. God bless and keep you. Jerry Wagner class of 1969
Wed Aug 16 16:05:02 2006 [Matt Lenard 1970]: Fr. Scott, Congratulations on 75 years. You have been an inspiration to so many people. You have made a lasting impression on all of your students. I apprediate your excitement, enthusiasm, and dedication to your students and your subject. May God bless and keep you always. Sincerely, Matt Lenard Class of 70
Wed Aug 16 15:56:06 2006 [Mike McVary 1973]: Fr. Scott, God Bless You. You won't remember me, but our class will always remember a particular event concerning my winter coat which I was wearing one cold winter day in class. I believe the subject was regarding insulation principles. During class, you noticed that I was wearing a yellow winter coat with segmented seams throughout the fabric. In the middle of the class, you shouted "Air Pockets, Air Pockets, Air Pockets!" and at the same time, pinching my coat all over..I thought I was about to be hauled off to the slammer. Maybe, one had to be there to enjoy this story. Also, I recall discussions about a new plane called the 747. In any case, my favorite book title is: " Rain, God's Greatist Gift" How true.....
Wed Aug 16 15:54:03 2006 [Dan Lipke 1972]: Reverend Scott: Best regards and congratulations from the Lipke brothers,Doug -Class"71", Dan -Class"72".Just think of how many students you enlightened about the "STARS and the MOON". Best Wishes,Dan Lipke
Wed Aug 16 15:25:32 2006 [Scott Stupay 1970]: Father Scott, I will never forget my amazement as a freshman coming to Prairie du Chien from the desert of Saudi Arabia to find that my science teacher actually wrote the book we were going to learn from! That intial amazement and excitement continued throughout my time in your classes at Campion as you continued to make science fun with your ingeneous experiments and demonstrations of science in action. I remember well, your imposing figure and booming voice emanating from the front of the classroom, as well as your kindness and sincere interest in your students! Thank you for the many years you have devoted to educating all of us. Scott Stupay Campion 1970
Wed Aug 16 15:07:39 2006 [Daniel Kunsch 1965]: Father Scott, I graduated from Campion Class of 1965, which I believe was the pinnacle year for total student enrollment. The school gave me a great education that I have always valued and that positively affected all areas of my life. After the school closed it was difficult for us to keep track of the faculty. I was happy to see that someone was thoughtful enough to create this webpage so that I [we] could at long last thank one of our favorite teachers. I was certainly not one of your best students but 40+ years later I still remember your class and classroom demonstrations. I believe one of my difficulties with your class was that for my first three years at Campion I was treated as an undisciplined teenager and you chose to treat all of us as young men and to adopt the teaching style we could be expect to see in college. I wish now that I had tried harder and could remember all you had to offer, but I am grateful I have the opportunity to thank you, after all these years, for the sacrifices you made in devoting your life to the priesthood and to teaching.
Wed Aug 16 14:40:56 2006 [tony lag 1972]: 75 years, trully monumental. My brother John Lag, once told me of a preist who asked him to beat me up cause I was a wise ass. In retrospect, maybe he should have, my life might have been different, but you should know, I'm O.K. now. Thanks for the true sevice and sacrafices you've made. The world is just a little bit better place to live in thanks to YOU. Tony Lag
Wed Aug 16 13:27:16 2006 [Jeff Paunicka 1972]: Congratulations Fr. Scott on reaching a fantastic milestone!. You have been blessed with your accomplishments and your ability to influence many young men in the wonders of science in our world. I have also reflected back on your refreshing outlook and inpirational aspects of making science a joy. With the advances of technology we have experienced since you instructed our classes, I wonder how you would have continued to present them to us and our children. The answer was clear, it was gift of reasoning and appreciation from God to explore what we have and could possibly dream for to make our lives better. Thank you for the positive influence you have had on my life and my ability to share that with my children. Jeff Paunicka 1972
Wed Aug 16 12:54:18 2006 [Rick Schebler 1972]: Dear Father Scott. I am but one of the countless faces that sat before you over the years at Campion. A frightened little boy in what seemed a land of giants. From those days to this, no Teacher has ever been able to inspire me as you did. I have learned a great many things technical and scientific over the years, Father, and I have come to believe this one truth about it all. The wonders and mysteries of our universe can only be explained by the existence of the Great and Loving God who created them. How could I have ever understood that, but for men like you? "And therefore, consequently, we have a beautiful example of..." how one humble Man of God and of science, can make a huge difference in the lives of his fellow creatures. You have walked with the Giants of our world, Father. It is my honor to have once followed you into a classroom.
Wed Aug 16 08:23:32 2006 [David Duffy Moran 1955]: Congratulations on your wonderful service to the greater glory of God, warmest personal regards and thanks for all you have done for us.
Tue Aug 15 16:27:11 2006 [Louis Chiara, MD 1965]: Thank you for a memorable year at Campion. I very much enjoyed reading your book and watching you perform experiments for the class. Especially memorable was the bell jar. God bless you! 75 years is a long time and I hope you are around and healthy and happy for many years to come.
Tue Aug 15 15:32:49 2006 [Brian Paulson, S.J. 1977]: Dear Fr. Scott, Congratulations on your 75th anniversary as a Jesuit! I had you for "General Science" as a freshman in the fall of 1973...just as my late father, Peter Paulson '53, undoubtedly had you for Physics sometime in the early 1950s... I remember getting shocked during one of your science demonstrations, gaining a respect for the power of electricity and a simple hand-cranked generator. I also remember that it was important in our frequent writing assignments to mention somewhere that the beauty and intricacy of creation and the scientific study of it leads us to prayer and worship of our awesome God who created the world and sustains us. I also remember thinking about "The Exorcist" during many of your classes after I saw that movie (with Karl Voelker, S.J., during one of our speech team trips) the year you taught me, still wearing your Jesuit cassock even when other Jesuits were wearing shirts and ties and all sorts of other outfits... -- you seemed to fit the image of the Jesuit in that movie -- a holy priest who could tame evil spirits and even the Devil himself! In all seriousness... In many ways, I owe my vocation as Jesuit priest, serving today at St. Ignatius College Prep in Chicago, to you and the other outstanding Jesuits I had the good fortune to know at Campion from 1973-75. Please say a prayer for the students we serve in Jesuit high schools across the country today, carrying on the good work of the Society of Jesus which bore so much fruit for 95 years at Campion. In Christ, Brian Paulson, S.J.
Tue Aug 15 14:51:07 2006 [Robert Wallace 1965]: Dear Father Scott: I'm very pleased to be able to offer my congratulations on your great milestone. I have very happy memories of your very interesting class and also of your very striking sermons, all delivered in your unmatched and impressive voice. Bob Wallace '65
Tue Aug 15 14:07:42 2006 [David Robbins 1965]:
Dear Father Scott,
What a special milestone for a very special man.
I wish you a most delightful and special day as you celebrate 75 years of 
fulfilling God's purposes on earth.
As I look back on my years at Campion and though I may have complained
some during that time, I have often looked back and marvel at the great
times and fantastic education I received.  So positive is my memory that
I had full intentions of sending our children to Campion, but fate chose

I often told stories to our children about my high school.  Among those
stories there were several about you:
There was the story of this priest with a "booming" sermon voice who
always marveled at his God as he saw Him in the heavens that he so much
admired.  These were the same heavens that made him an equal to such
famous men of science as Verner Von Braun.
There were stories about how we played tricks on you in class when you
turned out the lights to demonstrate the powers of magnetic fields to
light up a fluorescent tube.  During that momentary darkness, we would all
switch seats in an effort to throw off your memory of our names based on
the seating chart.
There were the stories of my bringing you copper, sulfur, and other
minerals from the mines in Chile where my father worked -- and how you
delighted in God's wonderful creation.
I remember you enjoying the wines from Chile I brought for you and others
to use during your daily masses in Lawler Hall.  I enjoyed being an alter
boy for you during those times.
All these are fond memories and stories I keep fresh in my heart.
Though we are now miles apart, we are joined in our love for a wonderful
and marvelous Creator.  It has taken me awhile, but I think I understand
now what you knew so well back then about the Awesomeness of God.  I have
learned to see Him in all they the smallest grain of sand --
to the largest concept of infinite heavenly space.  I, in part from your
inspiration, have reserved the word "AWESOME" to be used only in
description of the Almighty.
Have a blessed day, a wonderful year, and my wish that you have many more!
In fond memory,

David Robbins
Class of 1965

Tue Aug 15 14:06:26 2006 [David Artis 1977]: Dear Fr. Scott, Many thanks. Like you, I have followed a career in education. I hope someday to touch nearly as many students as you have. Bless you.
Tue Aug 15 13:53:44 2006 [Bob Henkels 1969]: Dear Fr. Scott, I was not fortunate enough to have you for class. I had to stumble through other courses with other teachers. I'm sorry to have missed your classes. But my brother, Ron, talked about you often. He graduated in 1965. I honestly don't even know if he had you for class. He said you were one of the nicest Jebbies he ever knew. He played baseball and did pretty well. But your ability to last 75 years with all of these guys as students is amazing! Your longevity is a testament to God's desire to have you touch so many lives and fill their lives with God's beauty and wonder through the sciences. May God bless you abundantly on your anniversary. I have remembered you and all priests in my prayers for the past 50 years Please pass along my good wishes to Fr. Leiweike, Fr. Egan, Fr. Gillick, Fr. Bohme, and all the rest of the "Campion Mafia" :-)
Tue Aug 15 13:53:28 2006 [Chuck Conrad 56]: Congratulations and best of luck on your 75th. Chuck Conrad '56
Tue Aug 15 13:47:28 2006 [Perran Guy Wetzel, IV 1975]: Fr Scott, I think of you almost everyday from the things I learned in your class. Stay strong and may God Bless you. Love, Perran
Tue Aug 15 13:40:17 2006 [Bill Elliott 1965]: Fr. Scott! Great to be able to honor you at this point, 40 years after my last class. I was not a very good student in general, but what I learned from you has stayed with me all this time, and has solved many a vexing problem in the process. Friends have often had occasion to ask "Where'd you learn that?" and I am always proud to reference you by name and reputation. 37 years after finishing my formal education I remember only a handful of teachers by name, but you are at the top of the list with no chance of ever being forgotten. I wish you well, and look forward to celebrating your 80th. Bill Elliott '65
Tue Aug 15 13:28:16 2006 [Fred Nora 1970]:
Dear Father Scott,

You would not remember me, but I am one of several Campion students who has 
traveled with your positive influence. You were the perfect answer to the 
"Enlightenment", a man who could thrive with both science and theology. 
Thank you for your guidance.

And yes... any man should know that V=IR; easy as P=IE

Tue Aug 15 13:25:42 2006 [Jim Keough 1958]: A note from Jim Keough '58 recalling a classroom adventure... Regarding Father Scott. I recall one of his Physics classes in which he demonstrated the effect of a "strobe" light using a standard desk or table fan. He had it up and running and, in his usual deep voice, said something to the effect that "it makes motion stop" - although you could still notice some obvious movement, the strobe light effect was obvious. Right at that time some wise ass amongst us unplugged the target fan and it had, in fact, stopped. With the strobe still on, Fr. Scott went nuts telling us he had never seen such a perfect display. We were dying laughing. Fr. Scott, who obviously realized what had happened, continued on and never missed a beat. He was a great guy and we all liked and respected him.
Tue Aug 15 13:22:25 2006 [Fr. Dennis Hickey 1958]: I got a famous "80" from Fr.Scott which is about the lowest grade he gave to anyone.Although he was more than enthused when I presented him with a capillary action pen from Parker Pen located in my home town of Janesville,Wisconsin,It was the newest thing in pens in the 1950's.Remember too his photographic memory which really helped in the famous 20 minute or less morning Masses in the Our Lady of Angels chapel.And Iwonder if he ever gave out a jug.Rumor has it that in Marquette Hall he would report someone to Fr.Eberhardt for an infraction who in turn would give the jug. Looking forward to our 50th. in 2008.
Tue Aug 15 13:22:01 2006 [Michael Doyle 1970]: Dear Father Scott, I'll echo what everyone else has said here: you were a fantastic teacher. I won't try to write something elegant and inspiring, but I will mention two things that I remember. The first is your classroom at Campion. Even in the late 60s it felt like we were in a time warp, as if we were in a 19th century lab. The second thing I remeber is that you taught us to carry beakers with a pinkie finger tucked underneath to keep it from slipping out of our hands. I still carry cups, glasses, jars, and cans with my little finger tucked underneath and I never drop them. Wine glasses are another story. Congratulations and thank you.
Tue Aug 15 13:16:34 2006 [Michael Kelly 1958]: Dear Fr. Scott --- Incredible to think you're celebrating your 75th anniversary as a Jesuit. I join the throng of well wishers sending their prayers and congratulations. Any get together of Campion alumni is always accompanied by anecdotes of your contributions to each and every one of us. God bless, Fr. Scott, you remain in our hearts and memories. Mike Kelly '58
Tue Aug 15 10:30:39 2006 [Dave Krieg 49]: Dear Fr. Scott --- looks like I am about the oldest grad to send you a message --- I had Mr. Nawn for physics, but you were an inspiration to all students through your writings and the sheer force of your presence. In later years, as a Prairie du Chien resident,my family had the great good fortune to have you fill in as needed at Sunday Masses at St.John's parish there. My children still talk about the cosmic Christmas service sermon delivered by that very tall priest with the great booming voice,and, I might add, they speak in terms of respect and honor. Keep booming through your writings, Father Scott, and remember, that 75 years is but a blink of God,s eye --- so start thinking about what you are going to do for the next 75 or so. Gratefully yours--- Dave Krieg Class of 49
Sun Aug 13 09:08:02 2006 [James Favre 1963]: Fr. John, Congratulations on your 75th Jubilee with the Society of Jesus. And thanks for your support and friendship over the years. My view of the universe is forever influenced by you. Margaret also sends her greetings and good wishes. Jim Favre '64 Town Kid
Fri Aug 11 12:04:28 2006 [Mike Ryan 1957]: Father Scott, Congratulations on your celebrating your 75th year as a Jesuit. Although, like so many thousands, I have wonderful memories of you in the classroom in Campion Hall; I think that you made such a magnificent impression in so many ways that went far beyond the classroom. The continual kindness of your presence broadcast your deep respect for all humanity. This is what I remember most vividly. Some years after Campion, I had the good fortune of continuing to learn from your words when I worked as an editor for Pflaum Publishing. Your regular columns rekindled my appreciation for science, and I remember how proud I was to tell all my colleagues that I had you as a teacher. Your 75th year as a Jesuit is only topped by your lifetime as a superb human and example of God's infinite love. Mike Ryan ('57).
Fri Aug 11 07:20:47 2006 [Paul Schwerling 1963]: Dear Fr. Scott - Congratulations on your fantastic achievement! You've been such an inspiration to decades of students. It amazes me how much I can recall from your physics classes. Friends who majored in the sciences in college wonder how I can recall facts and figures in such detail. You made a difference! I remember one experiment in which you demonstrated flour igniting with a lit candle in a tin. There was a tube that you blew into to cause the flour to fill the tin and explode. In our class the hoped-for ignition/explosion did not occur right away and as you began to blow through the tube again, the tin exploded! This forced dust amd air into your mouth and after much coughing and gasping for air, you recovered your composure and continued. You always did. We'll never forget. Thank you for being the greatest teacher I've ever known!
Thu Aug 10 17:40:03 2006 [John Klieforth 64]: Congratulations on your wonderous achievement. I always appreciated your efforts to add humor to some difficult subjects and, of course, you saying mass before Christmas vacation when time was of the essence! Ending, up in education I always looked for your works when ordering text books for our physics classes. I never did come across that vacuum contraption that sucked a cigarette to the filter in seconds. Your legacy to education endures and your were a giant of the educational community. My prayers and thoughts are with you and hope you are enjoying your well earned tributes. God chose well when he called you.
Thu Aug 10 06:54:05 2006 [Terry Coughlin 1966]: Dear Father Scott: This weekend I join about 50 other Campion classmates for our 40th year reunion here ih Chicago. I certainly remember Physics class in Campion Hall and your lectures - which often included a reference to Werner von Braun. But mostly I remember you kindnesses to my Mother, Blanche Coughlin, and the pleasures she got reading your book(s) and the notes you would send when she requested you say masses for our family. I know you were he favorite priest and she corresponded until her death in 1970. I am glad you have remained active for 75 years in the jesuit order and wish you many more. Please keep us in your prayers. Terry Coughlin
Thu Aug 10 05:03:30 2006 [Herb Clemens 1957]: Dear Father Scott, Congratulations and thanks from one of the many you put on the road to understanding some science and math! The habits of learning acquired in your classroom still serve us well. With all best wishes!!
Wed Aug 9 20:43:02 2006 [Thomas J. Rothschild 1967]: Father Scott, I was only at Campion for two years (1963-1965). I never did have you as a teacher. However, I do remember your presence. I do remember hearing about your scientific acumen. You were one of the mentors who lead me to a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry. Thank you.
Wed Aug 9 20:36:41 2006 [Andy Barnett 1972]: Congratulations. A remarkable accomplishment. Your science class was one of the highlights of everyone's freshman year. Thanks.
Wed Aug 9 18:25:34 2006 [Tom Knapp 1957]: Gongratulations Fr. Scott! This a truly a great accomplishment. I remember so much about the physics classes. One funny incident I remember was the time you were passing florescent tubes (lit) up thru the class in Campion Hall and you reached down to get another and accidently grabbed the water pipe under the lab table. You recovered quite well and then went on to explain what happened and why. Then you put your hand in your sash and said this way you wouldn't get shocked. I have remembered that bit of advice and used it many times when working with electrical stuff that I wasn't really sure of. Again, congratulations, God bless and know that you are most fondly remembered
Wed Aug 9 16:59:22 2006 [Jim Stanhaus 1963]: Congratulations on your 75th Jubilee -- a true milestone for a "Jebbie" who inspired those of us who knew you at Campion and who admired you greatly, yours truly included. Hopefully your years after Campion have been good to you and you are able to enjoy this milestone.
Wed Aug 9 13:34:37 2006 [Bob Sedlack 1955]: Dear Fr. Scott, Congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee, and thank you for the recent notes you've sent with updates on your unflagging activities. One of my most vivid memories of Campion involves you, and it's an incident I've chuckled at again and again over the years. Junior year we had your physics class second or third period, don't remember which, but one morning we were waiting for the students in the previous class to exit when Ron Grzesk lurched out, white as as sheet and eyes big as saucers (to use two cliches together). Apparently he'd been dozing in the front row when you suddenly stepped in front of him and brought your hand down smartly on the edge of a board covered with a light cloth to demonstrate a principle of physics. The board and cloth were projecting from the lab table immediately in front of Ron, and of course the sudden crack of wood jolted him out of his slumber. None of us dozed off that morning. Best wishes for many, many more productive years. -- Bob Sedlack
Tue Aug 8 17:14:00 2006 [Jim Murtaugh 1960]: Congratulations Fr. Scott. Seventy-five years a Jesuit and still going strong! To quote you, "MOST AMAZING!!" Thanks for exposing us all to the wonders of science in such delightful ways. May you have many more happy and wonder-filled years. AMDG
Tue Aug 8 15:47:21 2006 [Jon Anderson 61]:
Dear Fr. Scott,
Congratulations as you celebrate the diamond jubilee of your ordination!
There can't be too many others that have passed that milestone.

From time to time over the years, as I have gotten the sense of being
particularly blessed, I have concluded that it must be due in no small way
to the many prayers of Campion faculty for their former students.
Thank you for all you have done for the many men that have passed through
your classes, both at the time and in your continuing prayers!

I thought that you might like to know that the ONLY book I have kept from
my Campion years is your 1958 effort, "Wonderland." (I wanted to share it
with my children...turned out there were five.) I just noticed a couple of
days ago when I looked it over again that it was dedicated to your mother.
May she rest in peace where perpetual light shines upon her.

I'll close with a poem I thought you'd appreciate if you have not heard it

A Child, My Choice

Let folly praise that fancy loves,
          I praise and love that child
Whose heart, no thought; whose tongue, no word;
          Whose hand no deed defiled.

I praise him most, I love him best,
          All praise and love is his:
While him I love, in him I live,
          And cannot live amiss.

Love's sweetest mark, laud's highest theme,
          Man's most desired light:
To love him, life; to leave him, death;
          To live in him, delight.

He mine, by gift, I his, by debt:
          Thus each, to other due:
First friend he was: best friend he is:
          All times will try him true.

Though young, yet wise; though small, yet strong;
          Though man, yet God he is:
As wise, he knows; as strong, he can;
          As God, he loves to bliss.

His knowledge rules, his strength defends;
          His love doth cherish all.
His birth, our joy; his life, our light;
          His death, our end of thrall.

Alas, he weeps, he sighs, he pants,
          Yet do the angels sing;
Out of his tears, his sighs and throbs,
          Doth bud a joyful spring.

Almighty Babe, whose tender arms
          Can force all foes to fly;
Correct my faults, protect my life,
          Direct me when I die.

Robert Southwell, S.J. 

Best regards,

Jon Anderson '61 

Tue Aug 8 08:51:40 2006 [John Corrigan 1957]: Father Scott: Congratulations on reaching your 75th Anniversary in the Society - truly a rare milestone!! Since your Physics class in Sept. of 1955 was my very first introduction to science, and no doubt instrumental in my heading for engineering in college, and aviation as an avocation.
Tue Aug 8 05:19:17 2006 [David Preng 1964]: Congratulations on your 75th!!! You touched so many ... from the classroom to the "Fr. John Says" articles to you advice, example, etc. - for that we are ever so grateful. Enjoy your Diamond Jubilee and may God continue to bless you.
Mon Aug 7 19:28:40 2006 [James R. Rink 1959]: Congratulations on your 75th anniversary as a Jesuit. Your experiments in physics class were in a word, "interesting".
Mon Aug 7 18:33:22 2006 [James McClellan 1953]: Dear Father Scott, I sure wish you a very happy anniversery on your 75 years close to Christ. I will never forget your comment during a physics class, "nature never abhorbs a vaccum" You were always a wonderful friend and a great teacher. My wife and I celabrated our 50th anniversery last September the 3rd. In attendence were our three living children, our four grandchildren, my sister, and my Mother at 101 years of age. A nice party. May Christ be with you always Congrats!!. Jim McClellan
Mon Aug 7 13:19:19 2006 [Al Biermann 52]: Congratulations on your 75th Anniversay!!! Will remember the talk about leading your life like you wash windows. Take care of the corners and the rest will take care of itself!! Also thank you for teaching us how to study!! Did not know it was happening until we got to college!!!!
Mon Aug 7 13:05:47 2006 [Burke MacDonald 1960]: Father Scott, Congratulations on your 75th Anniversay! You bring science to life. I and my classmates of 1960 will never forget your eye-opening experiments. Also thanks for the wonderful work you did on the Indian reservation. May God continue to bless you.
Mon Aug 7 12:58:02 2006 [Richard English 1954]: Dear Fr. Scott: They must have been thinking of you when they came up with "Great Scott" years ago. You have been an inspriation to thousands of students over your many yeasr of teaching and I will always remebember your physics class and your booming voicce. God love yoy and bless you Richard English "54"
Mon Aug 7 12:44:29 2006 [Patrick Connolly 60]: Dearest Father Scott, absoutely delighted to be able congratulate on your 75th Jesuit anniversary. I will never forget the physics classes and the vandegraff generator. What an eye opener it and everything else about your class was. But above all, I genuinely loved serving mass for you so many times and receiving communion from your hand. God Bless and may there be dozens more anniversaries to celebrate. Thank you so much for instillilng in me the curiousity that has taken me to so many things in life I would never have otherwise found and enjoyed. Love from the entire family to you. For all that has passed since, I have never stopped loving the Jesuits and especially the ones who gave me so much at Campion to help me have a full and meaningful life. And you were certainly one of the great teachers of my time there. Joy to you always.
Mon Aug 7 12:23:29 2006 [Robert Evanson 1962]: Dear Fr. Scott, My warmest congratulations on your 75th anniversary as a Jesuit. You taught me physics at Campion in the early 1960s. I enjoyed your class immensely -- you were a superb teacher, filled with love of your subject and your students. Your enthusiasm was infectious. I wish I could be with you to celebrate, as thinking of you brings back warm memories of a time long past. By the way, my classmate Matt Meyer and I had a pleasant lunch a few weeks ago in Milwaukee with Fr. Roland Teske, from whom we took Latin and Greek at Campion. It was great to see him again after all these years. You will be interested to know that I became a teacher myself -- a professor of political science. My older brother Randall, another of your former students, also became a professor. Again, congratulations, and God Bless You. Bob ("Robert" at Campion) Evanson '62
Mon Aug 7 11:42:16 2006 [James Strzok, SJ 1957]: Forwarded by Fr. Strzok from Kenya, Africa, via K. Rothschild: "I owe my love for science and my career as a science teacher to Fr. John Scott, SJ. I was fascinated by the size of the man strolling across campus in his long black robe, by his energy and his booming voice, by his back room display cases full of very ordinary to some really exotic things -- from a piano to a Van de Graff generator. His daily demonstration of some law of physics using one or another apparatus hooked me. I loved his light show: a smoke-filled classroom with light beams streaming through condensing lenses, reflected from front surface mirrors, light paths showing how each lens worked. I could intuit from his ever interesting, clever illustrations the meaning of some law we were studying. I became a physics and chemistry teacher, then an earth scientist, myself taking time to demonstrate the laws in a similar ways. I learned the joy of seeing young men and women fascinated and then hooked by applied science. I returned to Campion in 1970 as a Jesuit to teach chemistry and earth sciences. Fr. Scott had retired by then, new "hands on" methodology in teaching physics replacing demonstations pretty much. But I managed to incorporate both methods in my own teaching until we closed Campion in 1975. I am happy you are honoring him and join my hands in appreciating his gift to us Campion students. Jim Strzok, SJ, Nairobi, Kenya."
Mon Aug 7 10:57:58 2006 [Pete Wahl 1963]: Fr. John Scott - The man who made physics understandable to the neophyte high school student, through seemingly miraculous, pyrotechnical displays. Everyone looked forward to the class, because, if nothing else, you'd find yourself treated to various "Fr. Scottisms" during the course of his lectures and demonstrations. A truly unforgettable man who probably saved hundreds of thousands of lives by encouraging some of us to get out of engineering or the hard sciences before someone was injured. Our thoughts and prayers remain with him on his 75th Jubilee. Pete Wahl '63
Mon Aug 7 10:39:46 2006 [Paul Koch 1957]: There may be others whom you were compelled to fail in your classes but for me it was a wake-up call that I never forgot. The second time around was not a resounding success, ...but it was a beginning. Congratulations! Paul Koch; '57.
Mon Aug 7 10:35:16 2006 [Tex Morgan 1966]: Father Scott: I am pleased God has allowed you to enjoy the wonderous discoveries of the past one hundred years, and enabled you to share your joy in them with so many.
Mon Aug 7 10:28:21 2006 [Burke MacDonald 1960]: Father Scott, Congratulations on your 75th Anniversay! You bring science to life. I and my classmates of 1960 will never forget your eye-opening experiments. Also thanks for the wonderful work you did on the Indian reservation. May God continue to bless you.
Mon Aug 7 10:26:22 2006 [Jack Callahan 1957]: Good God! I had you in general science way back in 1954 and knew you in regency at Campion from 1964-67. And at Creighton Un from 1977-1984 during the time I took over from Carl Reinert. I am now an old man of 67 and celebrating my 50th in the Jesuits. And you are still here celebrating your 75th! Bob Bell remembers you famous 15 minute masses. How you could be so pius and be so fast always astounded me. I have not been able to do that in my 36 years as a Jesuit priest. It must be because doing mass in Latin was much faster.Years ago you would wax poetic over about this. Do not bother to do so now. God bless. Jack Callahan, S.J.
Mon Aug 7 10:08:13 2006 [Bob Bell 1957]: Father Scott - congratulations on your remarkable journey as a Jesuit. I was the first of the four Bell brothers to sit through your physics classes and marvel at things we never knew existed. Some of the other messages from your former students have brought back many memories, but I must confess that my clearest recollection are the 15-minute masses you used to say on the mornings we were leaving Campion for Christmas vacation - and that included distributing communion to 500 very excited youg men. May God continue to bless you.
Mon Aug 7 09:56:00 2006 [Jim Bayley 1957]: Father Scott, You made a tremendous impression on me at Campion. I went to Loyola in Chicago then Indiana University School of Dentistry, then the U.S. Navy and finally in private dental practice. You have touched my life and many lives through me. Congratulations on your 75th year. I talked to you on the phone two years ago and was amazed that your voice and your enthusiasm were still recognizable. May God bless you with an eternity of happiness for all the lives you have touched.
Mon Aug 7 09:54:48 2006 [Jim Popjoy 1960]: My favorite memories of Physics class: 1) "Shocking" the naive student, who thought his wooden pencil would not conduct electricity - after he received his shock, you reminded him that there was lead inside the pencil, 2) Showing us how the piano would resound to your booming voice, and 3) One of your experiments in class resulted in a perfect mushroom shaped clould - even you were surprised.
Mon Aug 7 09:54:29 2006 [Marty McNamara 1961]: Dear Father Scott: Congratulations on your 75th anniversary! I have not yet forgotten your exciting and educational physics classes - especially when you showed the sensitivity of potassium iodide exploding with a touch of a feather. Also we appreciated your world-record speed masses on the mornings that we were to catch the train home for vacation, and without the need of a microphone! You have touched thousands of lives in more ways than you will ever know. I for one am fortuate to have had you as a teacher. May God continue to shower you with his blessings.
Mon Aug 7 09:39:25 2006 [Patrick Mower 64]: Fr. Scott! Congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee of being a Jesuit! I still vividly remember every sermon I heard, not all the words, but the content. I remember one cold morning, just prior to leaving on the train at Mass, you solemnly intoned: "T minus 90 seconds....." and later in that same sermon.... "Captain Joseph Kittenger stepped into the vastness of outer space....." Always the pictures your words described were vivid, clear, colorful and meaningful. Someone earlier said you saw God in everything....he was right. More importantly, you saw the good in people. I remember sitting with you at Kaber's in 1974 just prior to my being the guest artist at the last Mother's Day Concert, and watching the people of Prairie du Chien smiling and waving at you. I hope you have many more good years, and remain happy. Patrick E. Mower '64 (You were not only my teacher - but my counsellor for those 4 years!)
Mon Aug 7 09:29:18 2006 [Bob Constable 1957]: Dear Father Scott, I remember your sermons well - the beauty of God in every natural thing - and your teaching us to find that beauty, to respect it, to learn it and to love it as the goal of our lives and actions - thus every agent seeks an end - we understood that and found the meaning of themselves, the meaning of their environment and their mission. Ad Multos Annos and thanks for everything
Mon Aug 7 09:17:32 2006 [Kevin T. McVary 1975]: Fr Scott, Congrats on a remarkable career and notable jubilee! Like many of the other comments posted below, I too remember your class as great introduction to science and a solid basis for a lifetime of scientific inquiry. Thanks for your effort in helping form young men.
Mon Aug 7 09:12:31 2006 [John Topercer 1954]: Congratulations, Fr. Scott,on your jubilee. I remember that special teacher with the booming voice who drank more milk than anyone else Iknow. You have had an enduring positive influence on my life Father. May God continue to bless all you do. John C. Topercer/54
Mon Aug 7 08:58:57 2006 [Tony Baldwin 1960]: I won'y forget your chemistry and physics classes soon.You made science intriguing. ALSO, as we headed off for holidays, no one coud say Mass faster than you, a world time setter. Stay well. AMDG, T. Baldwin...p.s., my Dad and uncle were Campion grads in 1927 and 28. I don't think you taught them.
Mon Aug 7 08:53:29 2006 [Keith Rothschild 57]: Seventy-Five years a Jesuit! Absolutely fantastic! Congratulations! I remember you and your classes. Always something new and interesting. And always fun. Your accomplishments are incredible. You are truly a remarkable man. I admire you and the things you have done. Thank you.
Mon Aug 7 08:29:41 2006 [John Trewin 1964]: Fr. Scott: Congratulations! I enjoyed your classes, although my grade were not all that great. You stand out among my memories of Campion. To give you I sense if my gratitude for a Jesuit education, all three of my boys are graduates of Bellarmine Jesuit College Prep in San Jose, CA. All the Best, John Trewin Campion '64 San Mateo, CA
Mon Aug 7 08:23:34 2006 [Greg Doweny 1960]: Father Scott, Congratulations on your years in the Jesuits and the Jubilee that represents all those years. Your class is one of the ones that I most vividly still remember about my Days at Campion, especially the classes having to do with electricity. I can still see your hair standing on end when you were holding both sides of the circuit. Also your saying Mass on departure day for Easter Vacation. Thank you for the goods times. Greg Downey
Mon Aug 7 07:49:31 2006 [Bill Mullin '52]: Father Scott, I'll never forget you. Your efforts to get me and my scientifically-challenged buddies interested in science actually worked. But the thing I remember the most is your interest in Native Americans. You often wove into your sermons tales of Indian tribes. You spoke of these peoples with respect for their dignity and cultures-something not frequently heard in the 1950's . It formed my attitudes in ways that I could only appreciate years later. Thanks for your work and your life.
Mon Aug 7 07:41:41 2006 [Randall Evanson 1951]: Dear Fr. Scott, It is a pleasure to honor you on this day. Although my two years at Campion were academically superb across the board, you were one of the best. Not only did you drum a great deal of knowledge into our skulls, but you did it in a way that made your classes a pleasure to attend and that made some of us, at least, find a place of affection in our hearts for you. A few months ago my wife Christiane and I visited Fred Basora, a Campion classmate, and his wife in Puerto Rico, and naturally your name came up as we reminisced. My Campion years gave me profound academic preparation for what lay ahead; I earned a BSFS from Georgetown and an MA and DBA from The George Washington Univ. No, nothing in physics, I'm afraid -- sorry 'bout that! Thank you, dear friend. Sincerely, Randall Evanson
Mon Aug 7 07:29:05 2006 [John Haurykiewicz 1963]: Your physics class was one of the highlights of my Campion education. You ignited the spark of interest that I had in science, which led me to become an Electrical Engineer and later a Patent Attorney. God bless you.
Sat Aug 5 17:57:01 2006 [David Dorsey '50]: Fr Scott: I admired your spirit, your enthusiasm, your gentleness in trying to convey St Ignatius’ message “to be educated men for others” into our emerging psyche so that we too could further God’s plan in our lives and the lives we touched as you touched us. Thank you and God bless you.
Sat Aug 5 11:07:10 2006 [Gene Nevins, S.J. 1950]:
Dear Father John, 
No ¨Jubilee Celebration¨ of yours would be complete without making
reference to the wonderful gift with which God has blessed us – your
gift with words and the gift of your poetic imagination.

More than 50 years have past, and I still recall the opening words of a
sermon you gave in Our Lady of Angels Chapel at Campion. I don’t remember
all that you said, but your deep, booming voice etched these words in my

   ¨When the sun sets in the Golden Monstrance of the West…¨

You wanted us to see God not only in the ¨Benediction Monstrance, but in
all of life.
When I think of your 75th Jubilee celebration, I also recall the words of
a poem we learned at Campion:
   ¨Blow, bugle,  blow!  Set the wild echoes flying. . .

That, indeed, is what Jubilees are all about.

Two weeks ago I attended the ordination ceremony of a ¨young¨
(he’s in his forties! ) Jesuit priest of the Chicago Province. The
ordaining Bishop quoted the words of Jesus at the Last Supper:
 ¨You have not chosen me.  I have chosen you to bear fruit, fruit that
will last.¨
What a  fruitful life you have lived, and how blessed we have been in
God’s call to you and your generous response to that call.

Congratulations!, and may God continue to bless you with much joy in
this Jubilee Year.
Gene Nevins, S.J. ´50

Sat Aug 5 11:00:03 2006 [Tom Phillipp 1953]:
Fr. Scott,
                 I must confess that I'm not sure whether
this was you or Fr. Millman saying this, but it is so
like you -- given your exceedingly high interest in
space, the stars and the heavens...
                 Utilizing a part of the scheduled time
in one of your classes  (1952, I'd say), you expounded
on this fantastic new concept that scientists have of
putting one missile on top of another  -- they call them
"stages" --  such that when the first one is "used up"
the second one fires up. Just think of the possibilities!
Some day they could probably stack enough of them at
once to go to the moon.
                  I've never forgotten that; and I wonder if
it ever had some subconscious influence in my choice of
careers. I was privileged to have been on the launch
team for 15 lunar and interplanetary missions of the
Atlas Space Launch Vehicle from Cape Canaveral.
                  Sincerest congratulations -- and Thanks --
to you on this magnificent occasion of 75 years. (They say
the first 75 are the hardest!) God bless you for all the
good you have caused on His earth.
                                Tom Phillipp, Class of '53

Fri Aug 4 13:15:23 2006 [Joe Williamson 1972]: Fr. Scott - I always looked forward to your class as I knew there would be a great adventure waiting for us. Your class was proof that science and religion could mix very well! Therefore, consequently, congratulations on your special anniversary! God bless you!
Thu Aug 3 13:36:12 2006 [Bob Feldhake 1950]: Lots of time has gone by and when your name popped up, it still brought back a picture of you in my mind. I always thought of you as one of the most thoughtful and soft-spoken priests at the school and one with whom I could discuss anything. The very best to you on your anniversary.
Thu Aug 3 10:57:32 2006 [Dick Weber 1953]: Father, I wasn't one of your finer students but I tried!! I loved your melodic voice and humorous approach to physics. God has already blessed you but you have more to come. Thank you for your vocation.
Thu Aug 3 06:10:31 2006 [Charles Burke 55]: we are all blessed to have God send you to us and to have such a tremendous influence in all our lives. Your devotion to your duties and your excellence in teaching made all of us better people. We are most fortunate to have crossed paths. Happy anniversary and many more. I will pray for you.
Wed Aug 2 14:16:30 2006 [Bill Hunter 1955]: Dear Father, I shall never forget your booming voice in Chapel, giving what has become my favorite sermon: "Ninety-three million miles, through deepest, darkest space..." God bless you, Father. Please know that I, and many, many Campion alumni, regard having been taught by you as one of Our Lord's greatest blessings in this life. You are in my prayers each day. Very respectfully, Bill Hunter, '55
Tue Aug 1 22:40:12 2006 [Thomas Olson 1972]: Hi Father Scott, This book is for you. No doubt, you are the most admired teacher spanning the longest run of Campion classes. Everyone remembers you. Everyone can still recall details of your lectures. I hope that others will make their entries as detailed as they wish and that you will find their admiration of you a gift on your 75th Jubilee.

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