Excerpted from the 1963 Yearbook, The Knight, pp 101-107

Campion 62-63 Football

     The Knight staff, speaking for the
entire faculty and student body of Cam-
pion, would like to publicly show its grati-
tude to Coach L. G. Friedrichs. In three
short years he has changed Campion's foot-
ball team from mediocrity to greatness. He
has brought out the talent that Campion
men have always had but rarely displayed.
He has given the Class of '63, and will give
the following classes, something to remem-
ber of their high school days. For this,
Coach Friedrichs, we sincerely thank you.

     On August 27 Coach L. G. Friedrichs re-
ceived 2075 pounds of football material from
all over the United States and was given three
weeks in which to mold this ton of potential
into a winning team. By September 15 he had
constructed the most powerful football machine
to "play" on Hoffman Field in the last seven-
teen years.

     The Knights opened their '62 schedule
against the Hilltoppers of Milwaukee Mar-
quette. The game had just begun when disaster
struck. Co-captain Jim Tures broke his arm
while making a tackle on the opening kick-off.
The machine was damaged, but it still held a
6-0 lead at the half. The second half was all
Marquette's, though, as they went on to win

     Hungry for victory, the Knights traveled to
Wausau, Wisconsin, the following week and
came back with a 31-0 victory over Newman.
Dan Garrity played a great game as he went
over for four of our five tallies.

     The Red and Black was out to prove that
the last week's win wasn't just an accident as
they came home to take on the Golden Eagles
of Wahlert. Veteran junior quarterback Ron
Mied played one of his finest games as he
scored both of our touchdowns and led his
team to a 13-7 victory.

     Once again we took to the road and came
back with the sweetest victory of the year, a
19-7 trouncing of the high-riding Aquinas
eleven. Down 7-0 at the half, co-captain Phil
Hinko was heard to remark: "This game isn't
over yet!" The Knights came back in the second
half with Garrity going over for two and
Mied recording the other touchdown.

     It was junior Bill Engelhart's turn to star
in the 26-0 Homecoming victory over Rochester
Lourdes. He caught passes from Mied that were
good for a total of 74 yards. The first team saw
little action in the game against McDonell of
Chippewa Falls. Ahead 20-0 after the first six
plays, Coach Friedrichs decided to make the
contest interesting by using only his second and
third teams. Defensive specialist Tony Skemp
scored two of our touchdowns as he led the
team to a 38-7 win.

     Next the Knights plowed for 647 yards,
bowling over Marshfield Columbus 51-0. Tom
Fitzgerald had a field day, averaging 28 yards
per carry.

     Victory number seven came in the form of
Illinois' 12th ranked Marian of Woodstock.
Mied went over for three touchdowns as we
held Marian to a minus 20 yards rushing. Final
score, 32-6.

     The eighth and final victory came against
Assumption of Davenport, Iowa. The Knights
had a little trouble getting started, but ended
a brilliant season with a great last quarter, de-
feating the Assumption Knights 24-0.

     This season, one of the greatest in Cam-
pion's history, will not soon be forgotten. It was
marked by great individual play, but above all
it showed the true Campion quality of team-
work. If individual players must be cited, head-
ing the list would be co-captain Phil Hinko.
"Hinks" would have to be rated as one of the
greatest linemen ever to play at Campion, both
in leadership and in ability. Next on the list
would be Phil's counterpart at guard, "Stiletto"
Steve Limmex, who, in his quiet way, got the
job done and then some.

     Among the juniors, two year letterman
Danny Garrity was the stand-out. Many times
he saved the day by plowing through openings
the line hadn't made.

     Last, but far from least, was quarterback
Ron Mied. Ron handled the ball like a wizard,
ran like a fullback, and fought with the deter-
mination that was characteristic of the entire

     The '62 football team was perhaps one
of the greatest in the history of Campion.
Scoring 240 points, it missed the school record
by only 36. On the ground the Knights rushed
2,595 yards to their opponents' 704 and picked
up 133 first downs to their opponents' 69.
Garrity led the team with 808 yds. rushing, 37
first downs, and 74 points. Quarterback Ron
Mied followed with 49 points. The defensive
team was led by Phil Hinko, who had over
25 tackles and 85 blocks, and Steve Limmex,
with over 30 tackles and 40 blocks.

     After such an impressive season, the out-
standing players did not go without their share
of the spoils. The honors were as follows: all-
diocesan first team-Hinko, Limmex, Garrity;
second team - Ron Mied, Mark Farrell; honor-
able mention-Ed Schmitt. All-state Catholic
second team - Hinko; third team - Garrity;
fourth team-Limmex; honorable mention-
Ron Mied and Mark Farrell. All-state third
team-Hinko; honorable mention-Limmex.