Excerpted from the Sep 30, 1961 Campionette


L. G. Friedrichs

In December of the year 1960 it was announced that Campion high school had contracted the fourth football coach at Campion since 1911. He is Mr. L. G. Friedrichs, who had formerly coached at St. Ambrose college until the close of the 1959 season when St. Ambrose decided to abandon football. He had posted a 21-13 record at the Davenport school.

After being an all-stater at Jesuit High in New Orleans, La., Mr. Friedrichs played under Stidham at Oklahoma. He coached Marquette high school in 1941 to the Milwaukee Catholic Conference championship before serving in World War II. At Holy Cross High in New Orleans he compiled a 19-4 record in two seasons after the war. At St. Louis University high school in 1949 his team won the Catholic and district championships.

After leaving the coach's bench for a year, he went to Omaha in 1951 where he guided Creighton Prep to two Nebraska state championships in 1953 and 1954 before going to St. Ambrose college. He had a 59-15-1 prep coaching record. From St. Ambrose he came to Campion.

As the 1961 football season opened with a heartbreaking defeat to La Crosse Central, 14-12, it was seen that there was one person working just as hard, if not harder than, the team. That person is Mr. L. G. Friedrichs. No one man is more capable of inspiring the football players as well as the entire student body.

The season started out with two tough defeats to such formidable opponents as LaCrosse Central and Milwaukee Marquette before narrow victory came, but that is not the sign to let fire of spirit dwindle.

Mr. Friedrichs has picked up his squad after the initial defeats and has inevitably replaced some of the lost spirit. His characteristic optimism has grown on the players and this is a sign of a good coach. He has given the team his spirit and that spirit is to never let up or admit defeat even if the going is rough. That is something you will never see Mr. Friedrichs or the team do this year or any year while Mr. Friedrichs is here.

There is no one in this whole school who wants to win more than Mr. L. G. Friederichs; he deserves the support of the student body, backing this coach and this team to the end of a great season. To Mr. Friedrichs Campion pledges its very best effort as he has his to Campion.

Pre-season Training

As the last month of the summer vacation rolled around, each of the members of the 61 edition of the Campion Knights received a letter inviting him back for pre-season football practice. The letter was as personal as was possible under the circumstances, It expressed optimism and enkindled a real spirit of enthusiasm.

On Aug. 28 there was a steady stream of football players arriving on campus. The first order of the day after they got settled in Lucey hall was to check in with Mr. Friedrichs. After he welcomed them back, they were issued equipment and told to put it on and work up a sweat.

Tuesday dawned bright and clear and the real work began, There were two workouts a day. By the time that second workout was over everyone had worked up quite an appetite and a tremendous thirst to go with it.

The work was not through when the afternoon session ended. In the evening after supper there was usually a meeting to go over what had been covered on the field that day.

The next week was spent on building an offensive punch. Fr. Halloran took charge of the linemen while Mr. Friedrichs was teaching the backs their assignments. It was a long and tiresome task but finally the offense started to jell. By the time Sunday rolled around things were looking much better. There was only one workout Sunday; in the afternoon all those who could muster enough energy went on a town per.

Lest the enthusiasm diminish after a day of rest, there was an hour and a half straight of full scrimmage Monday afternoon.