pon farr

Vulcan Dictionary: Pon farr [Vulcan] - uncontrollable need to return home to the spawning grounds. Knights Dictionary: Pon farr - 1) uncontrollable need to gather at the place of maturity for comradery and reminiscing. The ancient sights, smells, feelings, and atmosphere of the originating source enhances the unique memories and experiences which can only be understood by those afflicted. 2) as in Prairie du Chien, WI.

pon fence

Bill "Uncle Rush" Sheehan Coined: Pon fence - wants to attend but essentially sitting on a fence. Could go either way, depending on the weather and tides. Anonymous Dictionary: Pon fence - 1). Job might circumvent ones desires. 2). Spouses nephew and/or nieces special events take precidence, but might still be able to squeeze a little time in.