Just got off the phone with Mr. Baldev Patel the owner of the Bridgeport Inn.

Our rate for the 11-14th (4 nights) will be 89.00 a night.

If you reserve BEFORE August 1, and inform the people "Campion Reunion" - you
will get the $89 rate.  If you wait until August 1 or thereafter the rate
jumps up to $109 a night.

Mr. Patel has given us the use of the "meeting room free". whatever that means!

So, please start making reservations if you can, and get back to me if you
have any problems.

If you make a reservation, please send me an email just to keep check on the
progress.  Mr. Patel will email me if we encounter any problems.

He told me that the parking lot is sufficient if anyone is bringing their RV
(hint, hint), and subletting the room for someone else is ok with him.

Thanks again,

See ya in Sept 2014!

The Reunion is ON!

Pat Mower