Alumnus Jim Sweeney sent a mailing describing
the Fourth Annual Florida All Class Reunion,
April 22 - 24, 2005. 
Venue: Sarasota Hyatt, $125/night if reserved a 3/21/05.
Payment to Jim Sweeney before 3/15/05, no refunds after 3/25/05.

The rumors are that they will have Fr. Fessio SJ, formerly of San Fransisco and now the chancellor of the new Catholic university, the first catholic institution in 40 years (so advertised), Ave Maria University. You may have been following the news about this; Ave Maria College of Yipsilanti MI is trying to relocate the whole campus to Naples FL and they appear to have to have succeeded. Construction of an undergraduate college as well as a law school has begun. The seed money for all of this is from the founder of the Pizza Hut restaurant chain.

The other person invited is Fr. Leahey, president of Boston College, scholastic and history teacher at CHS from 1974 - 1975. His comments, should he attend, might be interesting.

Contact info: 
Jim Sweeney 
1009 Tropical Drive
Bradenton, FL 34208
941 744-5383