Guys in ICE

Gull Lake, Nisswa, MN - January 25, 2013

Five Campion '70 Knights were among the twelve Guys On Ice at Quarterdeck Resort on beautiful Gull lake near Nisswa, MN in January. Dan Crutcher (Louisville, KY) , John Hartman (Juneau, WI), Joe Haschka (Minneapolis, MN), Brad Smith (Taipei, Taiwan), and Doug Wiley (Atlanta, GA) rendezvoused for a long weekend of fellowship, remembrances, storytelling, ice fishing, card playing, and a pretty much continuous hootenanny interspersed with Haschka's cassette tapes of early '70s hard rock and blooz tunes. We plan to do it again in winter 2015---all Campion Knights are invited!

Doug Wiley

thumbs/Brad Friday hoot.jpg.jpg
Brad Friday Hoot
thumbs/Brad, John, Doug Joe on couch.jpg.jpg
Brad, John, Doug Joe
thumbs/Dan and Brad Friday hoot.jpg.jpg
Dan and Brad Friday Hoot
thumbs/Dan Friday hoot.jpg.jpg
Dan Friday Hoot
thumbs/Dan, Brad, John, Doug, Joe on couch.jpg.jpg
Dan, Brad, John, Doug, Joe
thumbs/Doug with John on ice.jpg.jpg
Doug with John
thumbs/Doug, Brad, Joe on Ice.jpg.jpg
Doug, Brad, Joe
thumbs/Friday night hoot.jpg.jpg
Friday Night Hoot
thumbs/Joe and John Friday hoot.jpg.jpg
Joe and John Friday Hoot
thumbs/John and Doug dusk on ice.jpg.jpg
John and Doug Dusk

Doug Wiley wrote:

Dear '70 Knights,

If you, like I am, are interested in getting together with other classmates, have I got a deal for you:

Some of us Campion '70 guys have been getting together every other year in Minnesota for what we call Guys On Ice---a celebration of North Woods Winter Traditions and Activities. Other non-Campion guys join us including my brother from Minneapolis and his friends, assorted college buddies, work colleagues, etc---we normally have 12-18 Guys and always welcome more. All compatible guys are invited. Our only rules are: No Known Women Or Dependent Children May Attend.

Any of you '70 Campionites who want to join us this winter are welcome to join in. And invite compatible guys as you like for the frozen fun.

We are gathering for the weekend beginning Friday Jan 25, 2013. Feel free to book directly with the resort or contact me or one of our classmates so we can facilitate anybody who needs roomies. We can help connect the dots. Joe Haschka and I have booked adjoining units that have 2BR with beds for 3 and a 4th spot on the pullout couch. There are other configs available also.

Quarterdeck Resort is about 3 hours north from MSP airport and has all the facilities for our purposes at a reasonable rate. But not so fancy that we can't enjoy ourselves. Past activities are as you might imagine have included ice fishing (shanties available to rent), sledding, card playing, communal Saturday night cookoff and dinner, guitar hootenanny, fire building and poking, reading, star gazing, Friday night fish fry at the resort restaurant, snowmobiling, cross country skiing, reading, storytelling, drinking, stogie smoking, checking the thermometer, etc