All Class Florida Reunion - 2013 - TBD

I, Chuck Lambeck '60, am willing to host another all-class reunion next year - probably at the Edgewater Beach Resort ( in Panama City Beach where we had the last one - if there is enough interest.

To get a good deal on the rooms & meals, a minimum number of participants is required for whom I have to sign a contract. If you are interested, please respond to: llambeck AT cox DOT net and give me an idea when you would like to have it and how many guests you would be bringing. Family members are welcome.

And please remember when you give me a date that suite prices vary by the time of the year/how busy the resort usually is. I'll need at least 6 months to put it together if we can get a quorum.

Please also put Campion as the subject line of your email.

Chuck Lambeck '60