Class of 1972 Rowdy Union

A second opportunity weekend

What: Class of 1972 35th Reunion II
Where:Tentatively Eagle Ridge Resort, Galena, IL.
When: Columbus Day Weekend

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The plan is to gather for a Highland (Bluff) fling over the Columbus Day Weekend of 5th-8th.

Ten of us were at the Eagle Ridge last year and it offers great rates, great golf, gambling, local pig farms a drive away, and a central Inn and Club House. There is accommodation in villas, executive houses and the Inn. Last year, ten people shared an executive house which came down to about 500$ per person for two nights and including all the golf you could play.

Eagle Ridge is 30 miles from Dubuque, 100 from Madison, 150 from Chicago, 118 from Agard's House, 119 from Wills House and not far away enough from Rattermans.

I have provisionally booked seven houses with five beds each at Eagle Ridge under the names and social security numbers of Bergstrom and Williamson. The cost for two nights and three rounds of golf, and 2 buffet breakfasts is $512 per person. Arf has agreed to be caddy master for the tournament and drinking sessions. I will get quotes from Grand Geneva this weekend.

First order of business.

Communication and estimate of numbers attending.Tom Olson has graciously offered to send this notice out to all. Thank Tom for this.

Please also copy all you know and have them reply to this email address as Tom O'Brien and Chas Gore are coordinating this one in the temporary absence of Tuber and Haschka's ill disposition.

Mark Waickman has kindly agreed to coordinate beverage provisioning for the weekend and Corzo will be drafted for union labor while Behrendt is providing trucking for those who can not afford private or public transport. Bruchs and Bojes will be in charge of accounting. Casey is looking into chartering a train from Chicago.

Please let me know of your interest ASAP.

Hear from you soon,