Archive of Post Cards

Located here are images of Post Cards collected by Mark Gomez '74. Mark has collected hundreds of unique and rare postcards about the College of the Sacred Heart, Campion College, and Campion High School. These Post Cards tell a history of Campion in picture form. Included are Post Cards dating back as far 1859 of the campus, buildings, township, and surrounding area which exemplifies the historic nature of Prairie du Chien, WI. I find it interesting that some of the old postcards are just poorly done photographs printed on heavy kodak paper. Hmm! Was that just "the state of art".

Once upon a time they use to make postcards out of photographs of Campion Players much like "baseball cards". Unfortunately they did not put who the player was or the year they took the picture. Oh well, enjoy them if you can!

Postcards from Matt Micka '74 Collection circa 2015... Matt has been collecting postcards for quite a while. He decided to scan a bunch in and submit them here. There are some unique ones we haven't seen before.

Some popular PostCards from Old Campus Dormatory Living circa TBD