Original version was written in 1992 - some answers 2018

Now that we are all least 40 60 years old it is probably safe to admit to things that won't get us in trouble with our parents anymore. Right!?

So I would like to start a statistics page which gets to the point of some of the daring exploits of the many students of Campion.

So far I do not have the database engine set up to do this but we can still have fun just proposing the questions. Go ahead and compose the questions and submit them here.[strike 2018]

For example, these are just a few of the things I heard rumors of...
  1. Did you sell goodies from your "care package" from your parents to your classmates? Who had those great candied apples?
  2. Did you ever sneak off campus to dive (or jump) off the train tresle into the Wisconsin River?
  3. Did you ever sneak across the Missisippi Bridge using the cat-walk?
  4. Did you ever sneak off campus in a john boat (or other) to spend time at that cool bar on the banks of the Missisippi River north of Prairie du Chien?
  5. Did you ever sneak off campus to see a R-rated (equiv 'C'ondemed) movie in town? Did they let you in???
  6. Did you really "go anywhere" in the steam tunnels?
  7. How many times did YOU go for a mid-night swim in Hoffman Hall pool?
  8. Did you ever sneak around in the condemned parts of Kostka hall?
  9. How many beers were you "really" able to hold down in one night? No bragging!
  10. Were you one of those people who snuck beer out of the Jebbies cafeteria??
  11. Did you ever "actually" get into Whistlers when it was a strip joint and before the age limit was lowered to 18?
  12. Do you still have dreams ( or nightmares ) about finding your way around any of the dorms or halls in the middle of the night?
  13. Does anyone really know what happened to Kostka hall?
  14. Who got to work on the Radio equipment in Kostka Hall before it was condemned?
And of course, the bonus question I personally would like to know is;
Who put the EX-LAX in my chocolate milk?? You wouldn't do this, would you?
I'd like to see more serious and truly nostalgic questions also.
For example...
  1. I always wondered what it was like to live in the "dorms" on the upper floors of Kostka Hall and Campion Hall. Does anybody have first hand exprience?
  2. For those of us who were priviledged to work behind the scenes, act on stage, or just sit in the audience, what was the most memorable play put on in the Kostka Hall Play House?
    Of Mice and Men did it for me!
  3. Does anybody remember if the Play House had an actual name?
  4. What was the largest Bon-Fire built for homecoming?
  5. What was the record for re-building the Bon-Fire due to the pre-ignition of such by the rival schools?
  6. And, which schools were those for each episode?
  7. What other extracurricular activities were memorable?

    Tobogining and Skiing and winter camping in the bluffs east of campus.

    Camping on the Mississippi Island Beaches.

    Believe it or not even I enjoyed the Retreats at Wyalusing. Do I remember it right? We were not generally allowed to talk during these retreats. We were like monks! I keep telling my wife this is a key point of retreats which they don't do these days. Oh well!

What are some of the great phrases we learned?
I hope someone can come up with some great Nostalgia for ROTC happenings. I remember the awe of the formal dances the ROTC guys had.

What about those not so fun episodes I am sure everyone experienced in the pre-dawn days of anti-hazing.
  1. What were the names of those hazing methods we were subjected to as Freshman by the Sophomores? Or, was it officially the Sophomores by the Juniors. It seems to me what went around came around down the pike.
  2. Does anybody remember the face and or name of the person that gave them their first snuggy?
    I sure come up blank! I just remember they were Sophmores. It was kind of neat though how the Seniors would then punish the Sophmores in kind. And then of course when we were Sophmores it was the Juniors.
  3. What about that introduction to Rugby? Man, that was an excuse to wipe us out!
    [ANSWER 2018] Maul Ball.

    I like to think that the hazing fad was not continued after the class of '72. We took it, but generally made an effort NOT to continue the tradition. This was one tradition that was not very fun. Perhaps someday there will be enough responses to these questions to statistically determine if that was true.

    It was unfortunate though that when I went to college I discovered that similiar hazing methods were in use on unexpecting Freshman. I have to admit, though, this is one area where the Campion College Preparatory Curriculum really paid off. I was prepared and the poor other students just arriving from regular high schools were in shock of what was coming down on them.

What are the odds we can get some Nostalgia points of view from some of the Jebbies and other staff that ever worked at Campion? Now that we are at least the age at which they were when they watched over us I am sure we could now easily relate (or is the right word sympathize).

Voila! Voici!