Campion Graduate Notables

Campion Graduate Notables...

There are probably as many Notable Campion Graduates as there are Campion Graduates, however here are some of the ones people have sent me as being particularly interesting.

Also, any graduate we know of who went on to become a Jesuit is noted for where they are currently located. Or at least the last we heard!

Some people attended Campion but did not spend all four years. They are shown with the year they would have graduated with an asterisk(*).

Name Class Of Noted for

Rev. George Zwack, S.J. 1884* Campion College First Campion Student arrived September 1880
Fr. Joseph Zimmerman, S.J. 1906 Only graduate of this class
JE Barnett 1911 Campion HS
1914 Campion College of Sacred Heart
Both schools
Dr. James West 1932
Senior Pic
He and Dr. Richard Lawler performed world's
first Human Organ transplant in 1950.
Also, Betty Ford Center Pioneer.

Campion Teachers / Employees
Fr. Albert Zuercher, S.J. 1912 Campion High School
1916 Campion College of Sacred Heart
1944-48,1962-74 Counsel, Spiritual Director
Fr. Carl Zachman, S.J. 1916 Campion High School
1918 Campion College of Sacred Heart
1930-34,1945-72 Math,Latin,Religion,Dean
Fr. Walter H. Halloran, S.J. 1939
Senior Pic
Scholastic 45-46 Religion, History, Coach 57-63 - Assisted Fr. Bowdern in 1949 Exorcism
Fr. Howard E. Kalb, S.J. 1941
Senior Pic
Scholastic 48-51, Priest 57-66 Algebra, Sodality, Dean 57-60, President and Rector 60-66
Mr. Don Sebastian 1941 School Barber 1952-1978
Fr. John C. McNellis, S.J. 1943 Latin, Greek, Classics 65-73
Fr. Robert Brodzeller, S.J. 1948
Senior Pic
Modern Languages 66-72
Fr. Greg Lucey, S.J. 1951
Senior Pic
Scholastic 59-61 Latin, Sodality, Principal/President/Rector 70's
Mr. Paul Megan 1954
Senior Pic
Scholastic, Latin, Art, Choir 62-64
Clem Steele 1955
Senior Pic
Math, Coach 68-73
Fr. Jim Radde, S.J. 1956
Senior Pic
Campion Spanish Teacher 1966-68
Fr. John J. Callahan, S.J. 1957
Senior Pic
Scholastic, Speech, English, Spanish 65-67
Fr. James Strzok, S.J. 1957
Senior Pic
Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science, Photography 72-75
Mr. Howard F. Culver, S.J. 1960
Senior Pic
Scholastic, Greek and Latin 67-69
Mr. Thomas Zinkle, S.J. 1962
Senior Pic
Scholastic, Math, Baseball Coach 69-70
Mr. Jack Garvey, S.J. 1963
Senior Pic
Scholastic, History, Swim & Tennis Coach 71-72
John Romanowski, S.J. 1967
Senior Pic
Scholastic, Latin, Classical 1972-73

Military / Government / Politics
Col. Gregory J. Kessenich 1914 Inventor of the Bazooka
Fr. Al Schmitt, S.J. 1928 First Chaplain killed in WWII.
Heroically went down with the U.S.S Oklahoma, Dec 7, 1941
Patrick J. Lucey 1935
Senior Pic
Governor of Wisconsin, Early 70's - Ambassador to Mexico 1977-79
John P. Henebry 1936
Senior Pic
Major General USAF (Ret.)
William A. Kelly II 1936
Senior Pic
Dick Tuck 1942* Did Dick Tuck Cause Watergate?
Leo J. Ryan 1943 Congressman killed at Jones Town Mass Suicide. There is a bust of him in San Mateo Courthouse
Garry Wills, S.J.
Garry Wills
Senior Pic
Adjunct Professor of History, Northwestern University
1993 Pulitzer Prize for Lincoln at Gettysburg
NEH Presidential Medal
William Joseph McDonough 1952
Senior Pic
President of Federal Reserve Bank, NY
Guillermo Guemez 1956 Subgobernadores - Acerca del Banco de Mexico
Vicente Fox1960*
Frosh Pic(1957)
Mexico President-Elect 2000
Timothy LaFleur 1966
Senior Pic
Was Rear Admiral - Deputy and Chief of Staff, U.S. Atlantic Fleet
Then Vice Admiral - Commander Naval Surface Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet
Terence P. Labrecque 1968
Senior Pic
CO of NROTC at Holy Cross
Richard Noggle 1970
Senior Pic
Commander ROTC Morris HS - NY
David Silverman 1972
Senior Pic
Judge of 18th Judicial Circuit - Florida

Famous Relatives / Famous Businesses
John "Jack" Rockne 1944 Knute Rockne's son
Ernest J. DuMouchelle 1960 VP DuMouchelle Art Gallery Company
James R. Carlson 1960
Senior Pic
Executive - Sara Lee Corp
David Miller 1961
Senior Pic
President - Testor Corporation
Patrick J. Nugent 1961
Senior Pic
Married President LBJ's Daughter Luci
Richard Uchwat 1965* Founder/Owner of Zanies Comedy Clubs

Kevin McCarthy 1932
Senior Pic
Played Dr. Miles J. Binnell in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. et al
David Doyle 1947
Senior Pic
Played Bosley in Charlies Angels TV Series. et al
Foley "Jack" Horkheimer 1956
Senior Pic
PBS Astronomy Star Hustler - Star Gazer
Director, Space Transit Planetarium, Miami
Tom Sheen 1957
Senior Pic
Tom Walla 1964* Writer for several TV series
George Wendt 1966
Senior Pic
Played Norm in Cheers TV series. et al
Keith Szarabajka 1970*
Frosh Pic
Soph Pic
Junior Pic
Played Mickey Kostmayer in The Equalizer TV series. et al
Tony Lag 1972
Senior Pic
Played an FBI agent in Deadly Rivals. et al

George Ireland 1932
Senior Pic
Coached Loyola U Basketball
Dick Boushka 1951
Senior Pic
Top 100 All Time High School Players List
Only CWCC player to do so
1956 US Olympic Basketball team won the gold.
John 'Jack' Lloyd 1954 Notre Dame Announcer
John P. Powers 1958 Steelers Tight End - 60s
Robert Castellini 1959
Senior Pic
CEO Cincinnati REDS
Jerry Vainisi 1959 Chicago Bears Manager when they won the super bowl
Frank W. Krauser 1960 CEO of National Football League Alumni
George Blaha 1962
Senior Pic
Detroit Pistons' Lead Broadcaster
Michagan Sports Hall of Famer 2008
Patrick Bowlen 1962
Senior Pic
Denver Broncos Owner
Fr. Pat McCorkell, S.J. 1962
Senior Pic
Denver Broncos Chaplain
Jim Malone 1965 Leading Contender - Top Golf Nut of The Year 2007
John Shinners 1965 NFL player
Tony Cline 1966* 9 years in the NFL
U. Miami Football hall of fame

Campion Web Sites / Newsletters
Aaron Huguenard 1947 Campion Forever Newsletter
Charles Conrad 1956 Class of 56
Mike Kelly 1958 Class of 58
Jim Benso 1960 Class of 60
Frank Larkin 1961 Class of 61
Pat Mower 1964 Class of 64
Bill Elliott 1965 Class of 1965
Bob Voosen 1966 Class of 66
Bob Graver 1968 Campionette Online (Class of 68)
Jim Geldermann 1970 Class of 1970
Thomas Olson 1972 Campion-Knights Nostalgia / Campion Forever Newsletter
Bob Valerie 1956 Yahoo Group - Campion Alumni
David Robbins 1965 Yahoo Group - Campion 1965
Chris Lamal 1970 Yahoo Group - Campion Knights

Campion JHS Promoters
Richard Hamlin 1945 Hamlin Hall at JCU named after him
George Sweeney 1951 Pushed for JCU Campion Hall
Tony Culicchia 1960 Pushed for JCU Campion Hall

CAA Campion Alumni Association
George Braasch 1954 CAA President
John Duskey 1963 CAA Newsletter Editor

Rev. J.C. Friedl, S.J. 1916
Charles Mehok, S.J. 1935 Milwaukee
Fr. John Holbrook, S.J. 1938 Creighton - School of Denistry
Fr. Robert Kalb, S.J. 1938
Fr. Fagan, S.J. 1938
Fr. Clarence M. Wagener, S.J. 1939 Creighton University Astronomy/Physics Professor
Fr. John Ginsterblum, S.J. 1939 Creighton University
Joseph F. Eagan, S.J. 1940 Wauwatosa
William Dooley, S.J. 1941 Wauwatosa
Willard Dressel, S.J. 1941 Omaha
William Faherty, S.J. 1941 St. Louis
Gerald Guida, S.J. 1941 Denver
Fr. William J. Kelly, S.J. 1941 Marguette University
James Kramper, S.J. 1941 Omaha
John Padberg, S.J. 1941 St. Louis
John Walsh, S.J. 1941 St. Louis
John Bernbrock, S.J. 1944 Scottsdale
William King, S.J. 1944 Cincinnati
William Madden, S.J. 1944 Chicago
Lee McNamee, S.J. 1944 Minneapolis
Bernard Borer, S.J. 1945 Colorado Springs
Edwin Daly, S.J. 1945
Fr. William "Bill" F. Kelly, S.J. 1945 Marquette University
Fr. Roger Lucey, S.J. 1945 Pleasanton, CA
Bernard Streicher, S.J. 1946 Cleveland
Leo Sweeney, S.J. 1946 Chicago
Ronald Zinkle, S.J. 1946 Lydon Station
Peter Carey, S.J. 1948 Indianapolis
Patrick Stewart, S.J. 1948 Portland
Fr. Bill Sullivan, S.J. 1948 Performed Matrimony on Bill Gates of Microsoft fame. Chancellor - Seattle University
Patrick Boyle, S.J. 1949 Mundelein
Fr. James Serrick, S.J. 1949 Bloomfield Hills
Patrick Murphy, S.J. 1950 Lake City
Fr. Bill Synder, S.J. 1950 St. Louis
Fr. Gene Nevins, S.J. 1950 Indiana
Fr. Keth Ulrich, S.J. 1950 Japan
William McKenna 1951 Jersey City
Fr. Pat Donnelly, S.J. 1952 Marquette University
Fr. Don Driscoll, S.J. 1952 Creighton University
Fr. Vincent "John" Daly, S.J. 1953 Korea
James Gladstone, S.J. 1953 Milwaukee
Fr. Paul Otting 1953 Dubuque, IA
Most Rev. Thomas G. Doran 1954 Bishop of Rockford Diocese
William Gerut, S.J. 1954 Prairie du Chien
Cletus Pfab, S.J. 1955 Milwaukee
William Kurz, S.J. 1957 Milwaukee
Anthony Daly, S.J. 1959 St. Louis
Fr. Tony Wach, S.J. 1960 Provincial Nigeria
Fr. David Haschka, S.J. 1961 Washington DC
Fr. Jim Egan, S.J. 1962 E Africa
Fr. Charlie Baumann, S.J. 1963 Jesuit Provincial Offices
Fr. John Campbell, S.J. 1963 Associate Pastor at the Gesu
Fr. Jonathan Haschka, S.J. 1963 Dar es-Salaam, Tanzania, Africa
Fr. Emil Denemark, S.J. 1967 Korea
Fr. Kevin F. Burke, S.J. 1971 VP of Mission and Identity at Regis U.,Denver, CO.
Fr. Brian Paulson, S.J. 1977* President of St. Ignatius College Prep, Chicago