Martin Luther Preparatory School

Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin
Excerpted from a letter from Pastor Joel Schulz circa 1989

Northwestern Lutheran Academy of Mobridge, SD, and Martin Luther Academy of New Ulm, MN, joined together on this campus at Prairie du Chein, WI, to become MLPS (Martin Luther Preparatory School).

MLPS was a prep school for the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, and its purpose was to begin training pastors and teachers for its churches. It was a four year high school which gave students a classical languages and musical background.

The pastor-track students typically took 4 years of Latin, and the teacher-track students would take piano and organ, along with the usual history, science, and of course Bible classes. MLPS also had a full schedule of interscholastic sports and other activities. It boasted 3 State Championships in football, one of which was in 1987.

In 1995, due to financial reasons mainly, MLPS was closed and sold. The faculty and students travelled to Watertown, WI, where they joined together with Northwestern Preparatory School, our other prep school, which had been there since 1865, and the new amalgamated school which is going strong to this day is called Luther Preparatory School.

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