When broken down by years (not recorded, to reduce any
possible issues in confidentiality), it's interesting
to note some trends in school selection. In earlier
years, a large proportion (up to two thirds) of
graduates went to Catholic schools with Regis U and
Xavier U being the most popular (21 and 18 students
admitted in 1965 and 1966, respectively), followed by
Creighton and Marquette. This trend reversed by 1970,
with Marquette and creighton leading. Boston College
was a popular place to go (8 in 1965, 5 in 1966), less
so later on; Georgetown (5 and 3 respectively). Santa
Clara was very popular with 10 going in 1966.  

In comparison, students selected fewer Catholic
schools by 1970 and afterwards, with more state
schools being chosen. 

Dartmouth received two CHS grads in 1965; one more
went to Yale. Otherwise campion didn't send any more
to the Ivy's. Notre Dame received 7 and 10 Knights
respectively, 1965 and 1966. 

Some schools have been closed or renamed: for example,
Biscayne College is now St. Thomas Univ., Miami;
Chicago Teachers College is now Chicago Sate Univ.

Two students attended St Gregory's Seminary in OH. 

At the top of the list, two students went to Alexian
Brothers School of Nursing, a hospital nursing
program. This school closed in 1969, so I would guess
they finished there - hospital nursing programs were
two to three years (These no longer exist, now
incorporated into assciates degree programs and
community colleges, etc). Interesting choice of
school, and at the top of the list (alphabetically).