Cream Cheese Castle

How did the Cream Cheese Castle come into being?

The CCC was an inspiration of a few of us that were blessed with the friendship and support of bro Gillick. The Square Table met in our room almost weekly during evening study hall. I don't remember how it started either, but Bro Gillick taught us that age didn't matter and really taught me about community. We "rapped" about all sorts if things and I guess the Cream Cheese Castle concept was kicked around. But there is always lots of talk, but just a few who walk the walk. I always seemed to be on the anti-authority side of things, but Marty knew how to organize and work the system. Before any of us knew it, there was money for paint and a blessing from "the man". Wow, what a lesson. And what a great experience putting it together with so many. That community that Bro Gillick lived really was solidified with that effort. God bless him. If there are any photos of the finished hall, I hope folks will share them. Dennis, thanks for the reminder of the awesome Lizard mural. And yes, that one dance was very memorable. Why do I remember the Shondells' "Mony Mony" being played? Oh wait, I think I know why.... Memories are weird, but glad we have them. Anyway, knightly brothers, long live the Cream cheese Castle, haha, and our bond.

Bob Peter '70

Cream Cheese Castle was without a doubt the best thing ever. I remember working on it; and I remember taking a date there for some dance. It was just well planned and well executed, and it felt like it was totally ours. It would've been considered a major accomplishment anywhere at anytime.

Christopher Boehme '70