Somewhere in one of the Campion Books I thought I read that Joyce Kilmer wrote his famous poem Trees after being inspired by his visit to the Campion Jesuit College Campus whereby he was impressed by the pathway through the trees to the Student Chapel. There are many websites which seem to ponder the questions when, where, and why Kilmer came up with the poem. I think Campion Knights know the answer.

Ugh!Unbelievable!!! As of 2018 many of the links have gone broken. So much for their tributes. I put a strike through the broken ones. If someone can follow up with each of those to figure out if they simply moved to a new site or something, please do so and let us know what the new link is.

Here are some new current (2018) ones...

Sorry for so many of the new website are loaded with boocoo advertisements.

Back when I orginally created this page, Yahoo had 1100+ links to "Kilmer and Trees". Now (2008) Yahoo has 437,000 links. Google has 259,000 links to "Kilmer" and "Trees"

And as of 2018 Yahoo has 178,000 links, while Google has 4,090,000. But the problem with Google; they now include anything and everything commercial that just happens to be for example located near the Joyce Kilmer Forest. Or other links that have just Kilmer or just Joyce in them. Ugh!