The Art of Campion

Presented by Bill 'Art' Dagnon..

Art Professor


We have been cleaning house in anticipation of remodelling a room and I have
all the Campion art work out. I hope some day to get some of it scanned in and
sent to you so you can put it on your web site. I guess I didn't teach students
to sign their work so I don't know who did most of the work. I will list below
the names I can read. It actually could be fun to scan an item a week or month
and see if anyone recognizes their work. If we have snowy winter I may just stay
in and scan some days.



Plus I have a Joe Miessen pot around here someplace
Chris Smith
Kai Kaasa
Mark Leonhart
F. Novak
Bob Gerth
Leon Fuller
Charles Sweeney
Jim Mainor, 9/27/74 - that's a portrait of me
David E. Berry
T. Garvey
Jack Gallagher
T. Meenahan

olson boat paining
Painted by Tom Olson '72 circa 1969-1970