Campion Bonfire Celebrations


BonFire 1943
BonFire 1943
BonFire 1943


BonFire 58-59


BonFire 64-65


Torch Rally 68-69 BonFire 68-69
BonFire 68-69


BonFire 69-70 BonFire 69-70
BonFire 71-72 BonFire 71-72 BonFire 71-72


BonFire 72-73 BonFire 72-73 BonFire 72-73
Those were the days my friend... Surely better than any Guy Fawkes Celebration!

Thu Dec 9 11:44:00 2004 [Paul McCullough 1970]: Seems that after 1970, Campion homecoming bonfires got bigger and bigger. In '71 and '72, the piles in the yearbook appeared huge, and in autumn 1972 (as seen in the 73 Knight) they had not one, but two very large piles. Wonder who donated the wood?
Fri Dec 10 05:53:59 2004 [Tom Lochner DS 72]: Thought I would provide some info on the questions of bonfires and Aquinas. The wood came from Hiram Walker who had a plant in Prairie that cut oak for its whiskey barrels. Generally the left over slab wood was available for free, if not they burned it on site. Locals called the burn pile at HW the eternal flame. Aquinas left the CWCC when the private and public school athletic associations (WISAA and WIAA)merged a few years ago. They now compete with LaCrosse Central, Logan, Holmen and others in what is known as the Great Rivers conference. From what folks in LA tell me everyone still hates them and their biggest rival is Holmen. It still does not approach Campion rivalry though.