The Blues Band

1969 - 1970

Brad Smith '70 - guitar
Jim Halazyn '70 - vocals
Paul McCullough '70 - bass
Frank Greider '72 - drums
Jerry Mueller '72 - keyboards

Memoriable songs included... Kick Out the Jams - This song is unusual for a blues band. But which version did they sing? The real version or the sensored version.

Trivia: This song is from the group MC5 which had their albums sensored by poor forced overdubbing. You were considered lucky if you got a presensored copy. Mine was dubbed. There was only one lyric on the whole album requiring sensorship. The original line Kick out the Jams Mother F****rs was overdubbed... Kick out the Jams Brothers and Sisters.

Nowadays, they would just let it fly with a rating label. If that!