Campion Band Revival Project

aka Pauls Dream Band Revival


Tom Collins '71 - strings and vocals
Bill George '69 - guitar
David Podeschi '68 - guitar
David Poladna - guitar and keyboards
Paul McCullough '70 - guitar and bass
Micheal Murray '74 - bass and guitar
Joe Nobliling '70 - strings
Kevin Keough '65 - drums
Ralph Schiavone '70 - drums
Any other takers

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    The Dream aka The Goal

  • Wed Dec 10 09:05:50 2003 [Paul McCullough 1970]: OK, I'm gonna put this out here................... I think that there is enormous amount of musical talent among Campion alumni and I think that we can put together a set or two for a good ( maybe great) performance, reflective of the some of the contemporary music of CHS, for an upcoming Campion reunion or other related venue. True, tastes in music have (may have) changed over the years. And to be frank, that is why I have been reluctant to further advance any ideas for a musical performance - music from the 1940's - 1950's is different from the music of the 1960's - 1970's (my contemporary CHS time). But, since Tom so graciously put up this guestbook at the Nostalgia site last July to put some musical response to the Campion scene together, maybe a happy medium can achieved. Otherwise, such musical Campion restropectives will have to be relagated to the years in question, ie, 1940's vs 1970's and their respective reunions (that's OK too!!). Obviously, such an undertaking would require commitment, contribution and (more than likely) travel to meet prospective co-musicians/alumni, practice and put a set together. Maybe renting/meeting at a studio in the midwest, or a location easily/cheaply reached by discount air travel, or in the respective city just before a reunion, or some mutuallly convenient place, would provide a venue to put something together. These are just ideas but maybe something could be put together so that Campion men can perform some of the Campion music that we recall. The challenge is to include and respect all tastes in music as well as the difference in music over the years. And, of course, it would require financial outlay and a commitment to travel to practice to put a set/show together. What say you??? May I suggest that we use this guestbook as the working place to put something, if feasible, together????? To be clear, the purpose of this message is to see if there is interest in such a project - if so, we can take it from there. PMcC

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